Shakira discovered Piqué’s betrayals by being stalked, the details emerge


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The gossip about the end of the love story between Shakira and Piqué and the alleged betrayals of the footballer seemed to end with the official statement but it is not. There is a real soap to follow because new details are arriving from Spain. The love story between the Barcelona defender and the pop star seems to have ended really badly and those who had glimpsed everything in Shakira’s new song perhaps were not wrong. There is an alleged new flame in the life of Gerard Piqué and the mother of his children would have discovered it all thanks to a pool of investigators. Shakira had her partner stalked and given the results she was not wrong. The Colombian singer announced the separation but the details are not finished, those are emerging now.

Who is Piqué’s alleged mistress?

They say that the footballer’s alleged new flame is a 20-year-old Catalan waitress, her initials CC It seems that the two met in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​where she works. They say that Piqué has lost his mind so much that they say: “You are my first lady”. So, not an escapade, for this Shakira would have hired a real team of detectives.

They say that in the pop star’s hands there is a real dossier full of videos, photos, gifts, everything you need to put an end to what seemed like a love story. It is also said that a teammate introduced the waitress to Piqué.

Now it’s up to the lawyers, the ex couple has children, Milan and Sasha aged 9 and 7; they have made joint investments even though they are not married. For work and for their children, the two could be forced to make very specific choices but everyone wonders if the young waitress is still there in all this.


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