Seth Jones return from injury could give Blackhawks much-needed boost


Something told Seth Jones that the pain he felt during the second break against the Sabers on Oct. 29 indicated a serious injury, not another bruise.

However, with the Blackhawks in a close game, he decided to play it to the end and deal with the consequences later.

“You just know sometimes,” Jones said Tuesday. “I didn’t feel good. But that’s one of those things that’s a little bit of adrenaline and it’s just one period [to get through]”

Post-fight diagnostics confirmed Jones’ suspicions. He has broken his right thumb and will be out for an estimated three to four weeks. And until just last week, he appeared to be out longer than that. Hawks coach Luke Richardson estimated last Wednesday that Jones would be at least 10-14 days away.

But Hawks doctors liked Jones’ x-rays this week and cleared the 28-year-old defenseman to return. He went from skating alone to fully participating in team practices before the Hawks headed to his hometown of Dallas for the first pair with Jack Johnson on Tuesday.

He’s slated to be in the lineup for Wednesday’s game against the Stars, and while that hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s wise not to bet on Jones when he decides to do something.

“It’s pretty boring to watch on TV,” he said. “It should be fun. [I have] lots of families there. I’m having dinner with some of my family tonight, but it’s clear that everyone will be at the game tomorrow. ”

Richardson said he likes to “present the worst-case scenario and work backwards” with injury updates, and didn’t seem too surprised by Jones’ sudden return.

“It all depends on how quickly you heal,” Richardson said. “Daniel Alfredson was like a miracle when I was in Ottawa. It seemed to heal quickly.

“As long as the X-rays show the break is cloudy, it’ll be solid enough to play. You can’t. With a man like that, you want to do the right thing. As long as the doctor allows him, that’s fine.”

The injury did not affect his lower body, so Jones continued to skate during his absence to stay fit.

Richardson is hoping a lesser-than-usual workload will take him easy, which will help him Wednesday. He averaged 25:12 ice time in the Hawks’ first eight games. 4 assists after averaging 26:13 in 78 games last season.

A little more concerning is that Jones will need to wear a thumb splint for the next few weeks. A splint provides protection against refracture of the bone, but prevents flexion of the thumb.

“It’s challenging,” Jones said. “I can’t move it or use it, but that’s it. It’s been about two weeks since I started using it… [I’m] I got used to it quite a bit. ”

With or without thumb flexibility, Jones’ return should make a big difference for the Hawks. In his 10 games he missed, he went 2-6-2 and at 5-for-5 he allowed 35.1 shots, 33.1 chances and 3.06 expected goals per 60 minutes, finishing in the league’s bottom five in all categories. was ranked first.

Almost all of their defense is over-allocated on the depth chart, pushing them into bigger and harder roles than they can handle. Jones devouring time and taking the top matchup again should solve that problem to some extent.

Note: The latest injury update was worse for forward Tyler Johnson. At one point I thought he was coming back last week. Now, even next week seems optimistic.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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