Schaeffler presents the 4-in-1 electric motor: less space and weight, and recovered heat


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Yesterday we talked to you about the new electric motor presented by Vitesco during the International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Oslo, an event which also featured another major player in the automotive world. We are talking about Schaefflerwhich in the same event presented the new 4-in-1 electric axle drive.

All integrated therefore, for a unit that includes electric motor, transmission, control electronics and, real novelty, also the part relating to temperature management. Schaeffler rightly places emphasis on this addition, due to the excellent integration work that has been done. In fact, the unit occupies the same space as the old variants, which only had three parts instead of four, still yielding a 10% cost reduction.

Schaeffler 4 in 1

The cost is down, but the efficiency bar is raised, which increases by 14%. The result obtained above all thanks to the recovery of the heat developed by the engine during use, and to the new CO2 heat pump. As is known, the electric motor produces much less heat during use than combustion units, and for this reason the integration of the temperature control system allows to recover even the little lost energy, and to reuse it. to heat the passenger compartment or the batteriesso as to optimize autonomy and charging power.

Schaeffler 4 in 1

But the best efficiency also comes from the assembly itself. The lack of some connections, cables and other unnecessary parts, minimizes energy loss, which flows into the engine as much as possible and results in motion. In general it is possible to reach values ​​of 96% efficiency.

Schaeffler 4 in 1

The last important plus of Schaeffler’s 4-in-1 system of a purely industrial level: having to assemble a single element inside a car, rather than several separate parts, speeds up the assembly lineand decreases production costs.


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