Salvini: more taxis on the street immediately “Yes to a comprehensive reform”

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“We are working for an overall reform and to have more cars on the road immediately”. On Wednesday, the Deputy Prime Minister e Transport Minister Matteo Salvini met with representatives of taxi drivers which he promised to put the whole system in order: «The government works for you». A long-awaited meeting from the category, recently at the center of controversy due to the numerous inconveniences especially in the big cities, so much so that +Europe will present a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for interruption of public exercise.

“But we can’t be everyone’s scapegoat”the taxi drivers complained to Salvini who received them with the deputy ministers Galeazzo Bignami and Edoardo Rixi, the undersecretary Tullio Ferrante and the technicians of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy led by Adolfo Urso. At the table more than thirty trade unions to which the minister assured “maximum attention to study the best possible solutions”. Among these the check for up-to-date license numbersalso in view, Salvini said, of events such as the 2025 Jubilee in Rome and the 2026 Olympics in Milan.

For taxi drivers, the crux remains the improvement of the mobility of taxis already on the street. Nicola Di Giacobbe, Unique Filt Cgil, underlines: “The taxi must remain a public service, but the offer is improved by regulating digital platforms, creating the National Electronic Register of operators, intervening on the local public transport system, adjusting the rates that have been unchanged for years: but the minister has not given any answers on all this”. For Loreno Bittarelli, president of the Union of Radio Taxis of Italy (Uri Taxi)the comparison instead “was profitable” and the minister did not rule out an increase in licenses, provided it does not generate “excess supply in the future” and in exchange for “adequate compensation”. Federtaxi Cisal invites us not to “make a scapegoat of taxis”.

The Antitrust Wednesday filed proceedings against the Radiotaxi cooperative 3570 for the clauses of the statute which “prevent the allocation of a portion of one’s production capacity to intermediation platforms”. But the president Bittarelli replies: «It is an initiative in contrast with the principle indicated by the Authority itself of the validity of the exclusivity clause contained in the Statutes». Ncc associations will arrive at MIT on Thursday, rentals with driver. The president of the Air-Ncc Committee Giorgio Dell’Artino will present a document with 5 proposals “which in a few weeks would solve the mobility emergency in large urban centres”.

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