Roberto Mancini, the truth about the separation from ex-wife Federica Morelli


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The love story between Roberto Mancini and Federica Morelli ended in 2015, after 25 years of marriage: here are the causes of that decision.

The former footballer and today the coach of the national team Roberto Mancini has lived a long and important love story with Federica Morelli. The two met when “Il Mancio” was playing at Sampdoria and amazed the Italian public with high school games. Their meeting was lucky, given that in 1990 they decided to get married and plan to build a family.

During the first decade of marriage, everything went smoothly, the couple enjoyed the relationship and gave birth to three children: Philip, Andrew And Camilla. Roberto and Federica welcomed their children into their family after a short time, they wanted the children to be almost the same age and could grow up together.

Always allergic to gossip, Mancini has tried to keep his affections as confidential as possible. In fact, over the years following the births of the children, news about the couple came out with a dropper. The couple gave the impression of being unwavering and no one had suspected that there might be a crisis between them.

Roberto Mancini, why did you end up with Federica Morelli?

When in 2015 the then coach of Inter had his lawyer share a press release announcing his intention to divorce, therefore, everyone was surprised. The press release stated that the marital crisis had been going on for some time and that the technician decided it was time to turn the page: “In 2009 the marriage has experienced a trauma that has distanced them, so much so that the couple in the last two years have actually lived apart. After a long period of reflection, Roberto Mancini has decided to start the procedures for separation and divorce ”.

It was never discovered what happened in 2009 that cracked the relationship between the two, but at the time the statement led to an angry reaction of Federica Morelli. Responding publicly to the statement, in fact, the woman underlined how the decision was taken autonomously and unilaterally by Roberto Mancini (perhaps in an ironic way?).

A year after the divorce Mancini became romantically linked to Silvia Fortini, his former legal advisor. Their relationship soon reached a turning point and after two years of engagement, in 2018, the couple got married.


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