Roberto Farnesi, all moved by his daughter: the news just arrived


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The protagonist of Il Paradiso delle Signore, Roberto Farnesi, enjoys paternity and swears love to his partner Lucya Belcastro.

Roberto Farnesi he never listened to shared traditions, he never suffered the pressure of the society that revolves around him, but he always decided to make rational choices based on what he considered appropriate. According to many, one must become fathers at a young age, so as to have more time available together with the children, more energy to follow their first steps and in general to take care of their growth. Contrary to what others think, however, he believes that becoming a father at 52 was the right choice.

Firstly because his father had him when he was 56 and despite this it was a more than positive experience, secondly because he believes that to become apparently you need to have the right person by your side. The actor had many relationships in his youth, many of which ended before he began and only when he met Lucya (now a gorgeous 28-year-old mother) felt the need to remain in a stable relationship.

Also in this case Roberto did not listen to the common feeling: between them there is a great age difference and it was thought that their relationship might not work for this very reason. The actor, however, recognized in Lucya a maturity that many older women do not have and found in her the ideal partner to build a family with.

Roberto Farnesi enjoys Lucya’s fatherhood and love

The idea of ​​being able to build a family together was born precisely from the stability of their relationship. An idea that the couple wanted to implement as early as early 2020, but that was delayed when the covid pandemic hit. After the initial fear and serenity recovered, Roberto and Lucya resumed the project from where they left it and in November 2021 they welcomed their first daughter: My.

The protagonist of the soap The Paradise of the Ladies does not deny that he fell deeply in love with his daughter, of having “reprimanded” as soon as he held her in his arms. He also revealed that many had told him it would happen, but that he didn’t understand what they meant until he had Mia in his arms.

In this summer 2022, the first as a father, Farnesi will split between the set and the family, spending the holidays in his Tuscany with his partner and daughter. Reached by ‘Diva and Donna‘, the interpreter indulges in declarations of love for the women in his life. On her partner in particular she says: “I am happy she is the mother of my child because she is a person I respect, very serious, and even in a possible separation, I know for sure that she will take care of the child and will not turn her against me”. And again: “Lucya is a wonderful mother, young, full of energy: now she takes care of Mia her 24 hours a day because she is on maternity leave”.


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