Restaurants, bars pad up for World Cup this Sunday

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New Delhi: Spirits are soaring in the restaurant industry as India takes on Australia in the highly anticipated cricket World Cup final at Ahmedabad on Sunday. Bars and breweries are particularly excited, with some of them expecting sales to be double that of regular Sundays.

Rakshay Dhariwal, founder of Pings Cafe Orient, a popular restaurant chain with outlets in Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, and Kolkata said: “Our restaurants screening the match are expecting to double their sales.”

Swadeep Popli, founder of Delhi-based brewery Flow, and The Chatter House said the two businesses saw great response during the semi-finals; they witnessed a 30% revenue boost. “We are hoping for similar numbers for the final as well,” he said.

In Delhi, Bira 91 Tap Room and Kakapo will also be screening the match. Tap Room will try to replicate the stadium atmosphere with traditional drummers in attendance.

Kakapo’s founder Udit Bagga said it saw a 16% rise in revenue, compared with usual weekly earnings during the India-Pakistan clash. It expects a 20% jump on Sunday.

Mumbai-based Pradeep Shetty, who is president, Hotel And Restaurant Association (Western India), said sold-out situations may arise at many popular outlets but its impact on business is hard to fathom.

“Many restaurants saw an uptick of between 10-20% during the semi-finals. A similar number could be seen this time,” said Shetty.

Bars are all set in Bengaluru as well. Some users said on social media that they were already on guest wait lists of popular pubs. Toit, Arbor Brewing Company and Byg Brewski will be screening the matches.

“For the semi finals, we got a group of 60 people who asked us for a nine-hour package with food and drinks included. We are already getting inquiries for Sunday’s match day as well. We expect anywhere between a 10-15% increase in business,” said Gaurav Sikka, Arbor Brewing Co. India’s managing director.

Toit, which runs bars across Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune, will be doing screenings at all its venues. It has also seen large group bookings on the days India has played matches.

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Updated: 18 Nov 2023, 12:04 AM IST

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