Republicans try to stop Saturday’s polls in Georgia runoff


A group of Republicans filed an appeal in Georgia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday, seeking to ban early voting this Saturday. US Senate Runoff Vote Between Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

The Republican Party of Georgia, the National Republican Senate Committee, and the Republican National Committee appealed to the Supreme Court of Georgia. They are asking the High Court to issue an emergency suspension. lower court judgment According to it, Georgia law allows voting this Saturday.

of run-off election day Scheduled for December 6

The time-sensitive legal battle began when Republican Secretary of State Brad Ravensperger told county election officials that if Thursday was a holiday, state law would make it illegal to vote early on Saturday. after issuing guidance that early voting cannot take place on November 26 because Or the Friday before that. Thursday is Thanksgiving and Friday is a state holiday.

Warnock’s campaign along with the Georgia Democratic Party and the Democratic Senate Election Committee sued last week I challenge that guidance. They argued that the ban on early voting on Saturdays after a holiday only applies to primary or general elections, not to run-off elections.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cox endorsed the Warnock campaign and the Democratic Party. He issued the order on Friday, saying Georgia law “does not specifically prohibit the county from holding an advance ballot for the runoff on Saturday, November 26, 2022.”

On Monday, the state appealed that ruling to the Georgia Court of Appeals, the state’s intermediate court of appeals. They argued that the ruling was erroneous on procedural grounds and that Cox was erroneous in regarding the run-off to be another kind of election rather than a continuation of the general election. He requested that the lower court’s judgment be immediately set aside.

An appeals court issued a one-sentence ruling late Monday refusing to uphold the lower court’s order.

State officials accepted the verdict and said they would not appeal further.

“The court has exercised its will. We believe this is something the General Assembly should consider clarifying to avoid future confusion. Despite this decision, election officials I hope you can enjoy a somewhat peaceful vacation,” said the Secretary of State’s spokesperson. , Mike Hassinger said in his emailed statement.

But a group of Republicans who were allowed to participate in the lawsuit as intervenors appealed Tuesday to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

They contend that the interpretation of Georgia law presented by plaintiffs and accepted by Cox is incorrect. The run-off vote, scheduled for December 6th, is apparently a continuation of the November 8th general election, and voting on the Saturday immediately after the holiday is barred, they argue.

The county relied on guidance provided by Raffensperger in preparing for the runoff, under the assumption that no votes will be allowed on Nov. 26, the Republican group claims. Only 10 “all-Democratic” counties are scheduled to vote.

It “seeds confusion and injustice in the voting process and prevents the clarity and uniformity that Georgian citizens deserve,” they argue.

The Supreme Court has ordered the Warnock campaign and a group of Democrats to submit their answers by 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Warnock and Walker, former University of Georgia NFL football stars, were forced into the Dec. 6 runoff vote after neither won a majority in this month’s midterm elections.

Georgia’s 2021 Elections Act shortened the time between the general election and the runoff to four weeks, with Thanksgiving falling in between. Many Georgians will be offered early voting only for five weekdays, starting November 28.


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