Republicans know there’s a problem with relying on election day votes


triggered by the poor midterm elections Performance to close out Tuesday night lose the Georgia Senate electionRepublicans acknowledge the dangers of relying on Election Day voting.

Former President Donald Trump disdained early voting and mail-in ballots, despite having absentee ballots, and conditioned his party voters to discredit those real society Position Last week, he went on to denounce the mail in ballots, saying, “You can never have a fair and free election with mail ballots. Never, never, never!!!”

But after failing to gain control of the Senate, losing seats in the process, and performing poorly in national House elections, Republican operatives and lawmakers urged the party to take early voting seriously. I’m ringing the alarm bells.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday night after Georgia’s election results were announced, “If you wait until Election Day, you’ll start the race 30 yards late. ‘ said. Early voting, mail-in voting, and putting it away so we had an edge. ”

Georgia Holds Senate Runoff Vote Between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker
Voters cast their ballots at a polling place for the US Senate runoff on Dec. 6, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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RNC chair Ronna McDaniel In another Fox News interview on Tuesday, she conveyed similar sentiments. And if the Democrats are going to vote for a month, you should understand that you can’t expect everything to be done in one day. ”

But their assessment made no mention of Trump’s role in defaming such voting methods.

When it comes to support for mail-in ballots and early voting, the gap between the two parties has widened under Trump. gallup Between 2004 and 2017, as more states expanded early voting opportunities, Democrats, independents, and Republicans all steadily increased early voting, according to polling studies. But in 2020, we found a sharp drop in early voting intentions among Republicans.

When research A Pew survey found that 62% of Republicans said voters should only be allowed to vote early or vote absentee for documented reasons, compared with 42% in 2018. % was thinking the same thing.

Democrats, meanwhile, have included early voting and mail-in ballots as an important part of their campaign strategy. In Georgia, Senator Raphael Warnock won early voters by about 16 percentage points, leading 300,000 votes into Election Day.

Republican Senator Mike Brown of Indiana said Republicans need to “start embracing the tools” of early or mail-in ballots. “Anyone who wants to stick to just voting on Election Day…be prepared for logistical issues,” he said, noting that he’s been in business for 37 years. One day. ”

“With Republicans telling voters to go and vote, we have to do a better job,” said Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, a loyal Trump ally. rice field. “Don’t wait until the last day. Don’t wait for the rain. Don’t wait for the bad weather…we’ve been beaten.”

Kabir Khanna contributed to this report.


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