Regina Hall explains why she laughed while accepting Kevin Costner’s Golden Globes


Regina Hall explains why she lost her composure. Winner of the Kevin Costner Award at the Golden Globe.

Hall, 52, accepted the ‘Yellowstone’ star award on his behalf at the Jan. 10 awards ceremony after Costner had to miss the night Last minute due to extreme flooding in Santa Barbara, California.

While on stage, Hall began to giggle when he tried to explain that Costner would not be able to attend.

Hall watched a clip of her speech during a recent visit to TODAY with Hoda and Jenna and provided some context for the moment.

Hall explained that when he began his speech with a light joke about Costner, he didn’t realize that the teleprompter’s language quickly changed to something more serious, referring to extreme flooding in California.

“It was on the teleprompter and I was experiencing what I was reading in real time,” she told Hoda and Jenna.

Hall admits that the unscripted moment left her a little flustered. “I don’t know, it just happened,” she said.

Hall’s Golden Globes speech sparked mixed reactions online.

one Twitter user called The ‘Girls Trip’ star was ‘disrespectful’ for giggling during a speech, saying, ‘Kevin Costner is a legend and is doing what he was told by county officials to stay safe. when you laugh at him!!”

Others defended Hall, arguing that she wasn’t laughing at Costner or Flood, but rather at herself.

“She was so embarrassed because she was making fun of him and I felt bad for her because I realized she had ‘stepped in’,” said one person. murmured“She’s not laughing at the flood, she’s nervously laughing at how much water she’s flushed.”

Costner and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, were forced to decline the Golden Globe Awards after being ordered to evacuate due to severe flooding in California.

“This is the second time in five years we’ve had a highway flooded in town,” Costner explained in a Jan. 11 Instagram video. “We found ourselves on the other side of town and couldn’t get back last night. The highway was closed this morning and we couldn’t even get home.”

He added that he and his family are devastated to miss the show.

“No one is more saddened than we are to miss the Golden Globes,” said Chris.

After winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV Series Drama, the “Yellowstone” star sent a sweet message to his supporters. Instagramthank you fans for loving “Yellowstone Ranch as if it were your own.”

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