Prosecutor hints at cell phone, bullet evidence as Alex Murdau murder trial continues


After 19 months of speculation, prosecutors finally presented evidence Wednesday. Alex Murdau murdered his wife and son when they open double murder trial For a humiliating South Carolina lawyer.

There were bullet remains in the seatbelts, ammunition crates throughout the house and matching bullets extracted from the corpses, and the cellphone was never used again. Minutes after Murdoh, his wife and son could all be heard on cell phone video, prosecutor Clayton Waters said in an opening statement.

“It’s complicated. It’s a journey. There are many facets to this case,” Waters said. “But like many complex things, we start putting them all together and piecing them together like a puzzle. Suddenly a picture emerges.”

According to defense attorneys, prosecutors have falsely clung to Murdoh’s guilt from the start, trying to cram in explainable pieces of evidence or leaving an incomplete picture in the narrative that constitutes the wrong man.

“There is no direct evidence, no eyewitnesses, nothing on camera, no fingerprints, no forensics linking him to the crime, nothing,” said defense attorney Dick Harputrian. I was.

Alex Murdau, far left, with his attorneys, including Dick Harputrian, center, Jim Griffin, right, as his attorneys discuss the motion before Judge Clifton Newman at a hearing in December. I’m sitting in the Colleton County Courthouse with my team.

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Waters provided a three-minute live version of the scene in which the bodies of Maggie Murdow, 52, and her son Paul, 22, were found with at least one bullet to the head from two different guns. I opened the trial with a nice depiction. head and calls it “catastrophic damage”.

Harputorian added an even more gruesome detail: the shotgun blast that killed Paul Murdoh was so close to his head that his brain exploded out of his skull and was found at his feet. Murdoh started crying as his lawyers discussed the details.

“Alex was a loving father to Paul and a loving husband to Maggie.

This was the beginning of a three-week trial in Colton County Courthouse. Both sides finished selecting his 12 jurors and his six alternates on Wednesday.

Murdow, 54, is on trial for two counts of murder. If found guilty, he faces his 30-year life sentence.

This trial is the bottom of a shockingly distant and rapid downfall for a man whose family has controlled the legal system of neighboring small Hampton County for generations.

Murdoh is also known for money laundering, Steal millions of dollars from clients and family law firmstax evasion and try to get a man to fatally shoot His surviving son was able to collect a $10 million life insurance policy. He was in prison without bail before being charged with murder.

Prosecutors released little information about their incident before Wednesday. I’ve outlined a timeline of what seems to be happening.

As jury selection nears its end in the Alex Murdau murder trial in Walterboro, South Carolina, on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023, Prosecutor Clayton Waters said the jury’s I am asking for a seat.

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Waters said Murdow told investigators he had left the house for an hour to check on his mother, who has dementia, and had returned to the kennel before finding the bodies of his wife and son nearby. He said he had never been to

Waters said the video on Paul Murdoh’s cell phone contained the voices of him, Maggie and Alex Murdoh. I was. Waters said Maggie Murdau’s phone “locks forever” after about 30 seconds.

Prosecutors said the ammunition cartridges found around Maggie Murdau’s body had markings consistent with other cartridges fired at the firing range and elsewhere on the property. Waters said it was used in an automatic rifle of the type Murdow purchased, but could not explain.

Prosecutors said they found powder and residue left over from the gun at multiple locations where Alex Murdau was.

Harpootlian said all this was to seize every possible piece of evidence that could have made Murdaugh look guilty, and to ignore anything that didn’t fit the theory he had done.

The residue occurred when Murdoh, after checking his wife and son for signs of life, grabbed a shotgun and called 911 in case the killer was still on his property, Harputorian said. said.

Maggie Murdau’s cell phone, which her husband provided with a code that investigators found the next day, coincided with Alex Murdau’s cell phone showing him starting the truck just outside his home. , indicating that it had been dumped on the side of the road outside the property. said the defense attorney.

Harputrian wanted to tell the jury why someone brutally murdered Maggie and Paul Murdau, but investigators ignored all other suspects and scenarios.

“We don’t know why. He doesn’t know why,” Harputrian gestured to the prosecutor. “He has a theory about this and a theory about that.”

At the end of the day, Alex Murdau shook the lawyer’s hand and turned to his son and brother who were sitting behind him, smiling and pointing at them.

He then walks to the side door of the courtroom and from there is taken to the Colleton County Jail where he is staying during his trial.


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