CHICAGO — Protestors filled a city block, advocating for Israel to stop the bombing of Gaza, across the street from where President Joe Biden spoke to donors at a private event Thursday.

The protest, organized by the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine, moved locations last minute from Ida B Wells and Michigan to the 400 block of North Armour Street after learning of Biden’s presence in Chicago.

Earlier Thursday, Israel agreed to a four hour daily humanitarian pause in its assault on Hamas in Northern Gaza, where they said they will allow aid to enter the area, and civilians to flee.

Biden urged Israel for a multi-day ceasefire in exchange for a release of hostages but said there was no possibility of that happening right now.

“I’ve been asking for a pause for a lot more than three days, every day,” Biden said.

“I’ve asked for even a longer pause,” Biden added after being asked if he asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pause for three days to get the hostages out.

Meanwhile, on North Armour, protestors were vocal, trying to make sure Biden heard their calls opposing Israel’s military incursion into the Gaza Strip.

“It is, in fact, my Jewish blood and my Jewish soul that compels me to stand up and come here today and tell president Biden that we need a cease fire now and anything else is immoral,” said Laura Sabransky, a protestor.

Netanyahu has said on multiple occasions there would be no ceasefire without the release of hostages. National security spokesman John Kirby said the new four hour pauses in military action would be announced three hours in advance, with Kirby encouraging the Israelis to minimize civilian casualties.

According to military officials, there are still an estimated 239 hostages being held by Hamas, less than ten of which are believed to be Americans.