CHICAGO — President Joe Biden is set to visit Illinois next week.

President Biden’s travel details are still unclear at this time, but he’s expected to tout his agenda and likely have a fundraiser on Thursday, Nov. 9.

The president will travel to rural areas over the next two weeks to highlight how two specific laws are helping the economy.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, members of the Illinois congressional delegation have been told that the president is expected to visit the Chicago area on Nov. 9.

President Biden visited a family-run farm in Minnesota on Wednesday and is holding a fundraiser featuring many of the state’s top Democrats, championing his administration’s investments in rural America while flexing political muscle on the home turf of his new 2024 primary challenger, Rep. Dean Phillips.

The president announced more than $5 billion in spending, largely in rural areas. It will go toward better adapting agriculture to climate change, as well as expanding high-speed internet access and improving local infrastructure. The funding comes from infrastructure and inflation reduction laws which Biden helped champion through Congress.

“Instead of exporting jobs overseas for cheaper labor, now we’re creating jobs here and expanding American products and selling them overseas,” Biden told a cheering crowd inside a barn at Dutch Creek Farms in Northfield, about 40 miles south of Minneapolis. “We’re not only transforming rural communities, we’re transforming our economy.”

During his speech, Biden said the effort “is about investing in rural America, its about something else as well. It’s about restoring pride in rural communities that had been left behind for far too long.”

The president last visited Chicago on June 28 to deliver a “Bidenomics” speech.