Poor Ted Cruz

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Looks like the GOP lenders they begin to smell an immense stench of underdog coming from Tallahassee:

Just a few months ago, Ron DeSantis era being greeted as the future of the Republican Party and the man who would represent the GOP in next year’s general presidential election after eliminating Donald Trump. Then people got to know him and realized that he was an obnoxious loser* without personality, and his prospects for making it to the White House have plummeted very quickly. Referring to DeSantis extremely bad national election numbers, a spokesman for a DeSantis-aligned super PAC She said earlier this month, “I believe in being really blunt and really honest. It’s an uphill battle. And it’s not just would-be voters who have soured on the candidate, but wealthy billionaires as well.

Wednesday, Rolling Stone published a scathing article reporting it Rupert Murdoch began to irritate the governor of Florida, with a source tell the outlet that the Australian billionaire and his son Lachlan “smell a loser a mile away.” Notably, this comes after Murdoch’s media empire fanned out after the November midterm send the message that Trump was a GOP roadkill and DeSantis was the new king of the party. And apparently the Murdochs aren’t the only wealthy people feeling buyer’s remorse.

Politic relationships that “some wealthy donors who had hoped [DeSantis] could beat Donald Trump now they are giving Tim Scott a serious look”. One of those donors is reportedly Ron Lauder, the Estée Lauder heir who backed Trump in 2020 and, according to three sources familiar with the matter who spoke to Politico, recently flew to South Carolina to meet with Scott. Lauder is said to plan to meet with the young senator again “while he decides whether to cut him a check.” Billionaire investor Stanley Druckmiller He has also reportedly “expressed interest” in donating to Scott’s candidacy for the White House. “A lot of donors I’ve met are all curious and want to meet Tim and see what the fuss is about,” Andy Sabin, a Republican contributor who originally intended to back DeSantis, told Politico. “He IS the only guy who has personality and charisma. The delivery of him is outstanding.

Wow, “he’s a less good candidate than Tim Scott” is really turning the knife. I’m starting to have a few questions about the empirical and theoretical basis for the GOP pundits’ belief that any Republican capable of winning a statewide election in Florida must be a transcendent political supertalent.

Meanwhile, in today’s episode of When He’s (Inadvertently) Right He’s (Inadvertently) Right:

once again the yellow baseball nails him, but not in the way he thinks https://t.co/c2KHYQv9Ex pic.twitter.com/EjrdRT5gLM— gg 🙊🙈🙉 (@gina_goldberg) July 12, 2023

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