Polling Place: Can the Bears beat the Packers?


What could be more exciting than a grid clash between the 4-8 Packers and the 3-9 Bears?

don’t answer that.

Still, Bears-Packers are always a big problem here and in the north. Old rivals catch up again at Soldier Field on Sunday. Usually we don’t need to explain which team wins, but what about this time? I asked them to choose.

“Do you have to listen?” @JeffreyCanalia posed rhetorically.

“This is SOS. Same old story,” wrote @JBIRD1268. “Packers win”

He also asked if beating the Packers could potentially move the Bears down in the 2023 draft.

“I hope they lose the rest.

Finally, I asked about the quality of the rivalry, which has been too one-sided for too long. Is he the one that’s still great?

About the poll:

Poll 1: The Bears have Packers Week. Who will win Sunday at Soldier Field?

result: What actually makes this a little more compelling is that both of the No. 1 quarterbacks (Packers veteran Aaron Rodgers and Bears youngster Justin Fields) are injured. If both play, it adds some weight to the game between bad teams that have nothing really at stake other than draft positions and job auditions for next season. and take advantage of every chance you can sneak past your tormentor.

Poll 2: Could Beating the Packers Drop Some Places in the 2023 Draft?

result: Despite @MikeDon121848430 saying yes, the answer is no, adding: You shouldn’t be thinking about next year’s draft during this season. Come on, Mike, no silly questions.

Poll 3: Given that the Packers have “owned” the Bears for the past 30-plus years, is this still a big rivalry?

result: Look how close this vote is. It’s a little sad. But commend many respondents for seeing things as they are and not as they used to be. “Anyone who says this has been a rivalry for the last 30 years is paying no heed,” suggested @thamanaynyexp1. If only I could ignore it all.


What do you think?

Written by Natalia Chi

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