Police search for man accused of targeting victim on dating app after woman dies


The hunt for a man accused of targeting, drugging and robbing women on a dating app has intensified after one of his victims died this week.

According to NBC affiliate WTMJA 55-year-old woman believed to have been targeted by the suspect in the incident suffered an “unexplained medical emergency” and later died.

Police in Racine issued a regional alert this week for a suspect identified as 52-year-old Timothy Olson.

Authorities say at least three women met Olson on a dating app and fell victim to his crimes. Police say the woman fell unconscious while in the suspect’s company, after which he committed the robbery.

According to Racine Police, Olson has ties to both Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

According to WTMJ, the owner of the Southern Milwaukee bar said patrons arrived at the establishment with Olson on Thursday. Police said the two ordered drinks and the woman fainted minutes later.

“First time seeing this guy here” Powers on 10th Owner Joseph Brown said. “They each ordered a drink. She was here, five minutes on top, and within those five minutes she was just standing there and she was frozen.”

A bartender called 911 and she was taken to a local hospital, where she died, according to WTMJ.

Brown says the suspect said he was “going to get her inhaler” and fled the scene.

Police say Olson met another woman on a Racine dating app, then drugged her and stole her credit card.

Federal officials are helping search for Olson, who is described as 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing about 250 pounds.

He has outstanding warrants for five counts of personal identity theft in Racine. He also sometimes goes by the alias Tim Wilson.

Racine Police say if an individual has information about his whereabouts or online activity, they can call 262-635-7756. If you wish to remain anonymous, please call him at 262-636-9330.


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