Philadelphia receives 2nd bus of migrants from Texas, despite city plea


A second bus of immigrants from Texas arrived in Philadelphia this week, despite the city’s pleas to coordinate with the state amid Gov. Greg Abbott’s ongoing efforts. send asylum seekers A city spokesperson turned to the Democratic-led region.

A Nov. 17 letter from Philadelphia Emergency Management Director Dominique Mireles to Texas Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd tasked with carrying out Governor Greg Abbott’s bus drive to immigrants. He pleaded with state officials to “support the core tenets of our common profession, collaboration.”

Mireles has asked his Texas counterpart to contact city officials if he intends to do so. continue the bus A group of immigrants to the city, according to a letter obtained by ABC News. The article appears to have been written the day after a bus carrying his 28 immigrants from Del Rio, Texas, arrived at a transit station in Philadelphia.

“The asylum seeker bus that arrived yesterday, November 16, 2022, took the city of Philadelphia and its partners by surprise.As you may have heard, the child needed urgent medical attention upon arrival. I did,” writes Mireles.

A spokesperson for the city of Philadelphia told ABC News that Texas officials had not responded to the letter as of Tuesday. was taken by bus to

TDEM did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Since Abbott began directing the Emergency Management Department to dispatch buses to Democratic-led cities, heads up Against what he calls the Biden administration’s “open border policy,” officials in Chicago, New York City, Washington D.C. and now Philadelphia have said: asylum seeker Enter the shelter system without formal coordination from Texas.

“The Lone Star State continues to do more than any state in history to secure its borders, including adding more sanctuary cities as drop off locations for its bus strategy,” Abbott said. murmured Announced the first bus of immigrants to Philadelphia.

Emphasizing the lack of coordination, Mireles told Kidd that “buses scheduled for Philadelphia will report to a safe and secure location of our choosing, rather than a street corner identified in an unaffiliated jurisdiction. “

Abbott also recently decided to move immigrants by bus to nearby areas. naval observatory Washington, DC, home of Vice President Kamala Harris. With his bus effort, local nonprofits are rushing to find homes and provide the resources they need to reach their destinations needed to complete the next step in the asylum application process. .

Mireles listed eight demands for TDEM, including 72-hour notice for buses arriving in Philadelphia. Mireles also asked Kidd to screen travelers for medical conditions such as COVID and his RSV, and to keep the family unit together during transit.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny condemned Abbott’s efforts at a press conference last week, calling it a “willfully cruel policy” that exploits immigrant families for political gain.

“Today, I am truly disgusted to hear that Governor Abbott and his administration continue to carry out deliberately cruel policies using immigrant families, including women and children, as pawns.” , racism and human cruelty have historically been intertwined with how immigrants are received in and within the country, which the former presidential administration openly and actively encouraged. That’s what it is.”

Abbott’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Many of the immigrants who arrive in Philadelphia are picked up by relatives or moved to other cities, but remain in welcoming centers set up by the city as temporary stops before deciding next steps. Some people are, the city said. As the newest city to be added to Abbott’s radar, city officials say it is well positioned to receive immigrants arriving within the city limits.

A spokesperson for the city of Philadelphia said, “Since the summer, the city’s immigration and emergency management services have been prepared for the potential arrival of immigrants via unplanned and uncoordinated bus routes from southern states. “The agencies are meeting and coordinating regularly with nearly 15 community-based organizations and partners to provide immediate reception and shelter, emergency health checks, food and water, etc.” We are planning a regional response, including the preparation of


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