People celebrating CT’s new gun laws should hold up a sec

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The state of Connecticut being supportive of gun laws is hardly a shocking revelation to anyone. New England isn’t exactly the kind of place that would allow themselves the means to shoot at a tyrannical government seeking to confiscate arms these days, despite their early history.


Once, but not anymore.

While much of the media attention has been focused on California’s new gun control measures, Connecticut has passed some pretty extensive measures of its own and a lot of people are pretty happy as they go into effect.

Proponents of Connecticut’s wide-ranging new gun control law gathered Thursday at the state Capitol building to celebrate the policy just days before provisions including new safe storage requirements and a ban on open carry take effect on Sunday.

Gov. Ned Lamont, legislative leaders and gun violence prevention advocates hosted a morning press conference under the Capitol’s south-facing portico to tout the law’s expected impact on gun violence in Connecticut.

“It is making a difference,” Lamont said of the state’s gun safety policies. “We have one of the lowest gun violence rates in the country and I get no great comfort from that because we still have so far to go.”

Lamont signed the new policy into law after the state legislature’s Democratic majority passed the sprawling bill with support from a handful of Republican legislators. Among the provisions taking effect Sunday is a new ban on openly carrying a gun with the intent to display it in public, an extension of existing safe storage requirements to all Connecticut gun owners, and a three gun cap on handgun purchases for most consumers.


That cap is per month, for the record. It’s handgun rationing as we’ve seen it in numerous other states.

And it’s never done a damn thing to curb violent crime in those states, either. Nor have mandatory storage requirements for that matter.

It should also be noted that criminals don’t open carry.

No, that part is designed to impact law-abiding gun owners who may opt to carry openly in order to help advance gun rights. Yet it’s presented as a “gun safety” measure, a gun law meant to prevent violent crime, when it’s nothing of the sort. It’s a way to potentially hamstring ideological opponents.

None of those measures will make anyone in Connecticut safer. Gun laws never do.

Yet this part might:

Other new provisions will make it easier for state courts to revoke bail and probation from repeat gun offenders accused of committing another crime.

I’m not a fan of focusing on “gun offenders,” but the idea of cracking down on repeat offenders is a solid one. It should be expanded to any kind of violent offender–as I’ve often said, you don’t feel any better about your loved one being stabbed to death instead of shot–but focusing on people who are actually breaking the law is a novel approach for an anti-gun state.


My prediction, though, is that none of the gun laws going into effect will have any appreciable impact on violent crime in the state in the least. That last bit, though, might, yet guess laws will be touted as the difference-maker.

It won’t be cracking down on criminals, that’s for sure.

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