Passengers on Antarctic cruise ship hit by deadly ‘rogue wave’ speak out


Tom and Pam Trussdale enjoy traveling wherever they want to go. Antarcticauntil the trip of a lifetime turns into a deadly disaster.

Tom Trussdale told ABC News, “It’s been going really well and I expected nothing but good things going forward.

The Trusdales were passengers on the Viking Polaris cruise ship bound for Ushuaia, Argentina. I was hit by a “rough sea” last weekkilled an American passenger, Sheri Zhu, and injured four others.

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The Trussdales said waves weren’t the only disaster. Trussdales and her ABC News later confirmed that the day before the accident, another passenger was seriously injured during his excursion on the Zodiac boat.

“It was really loud and booming. I was in the air and the passenger across from me was in the air. She came down and hit me hard,” Pam Trussdale said.

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Tom Trussdale said he saw two passengers thrown into the air from what was believed to be an explosion.

Tom Trussdale said, “After the lady was in the air maybe three feet, I saw the gentleman directly across from me in the air and tumbling into the sea.” I grabbed him by the vest. He was on his back, so he was stable, and I reassured him, ‘Hey, you’re fine.'”

Tom Trussdale said he and another passenger were able to quickly pull the man back to the boat, but the woman’s leg was seriously injured.

“She said, ‘I hurt my leg. I can’t feel my leg,'” Pam Trussdale said. “And I could hear her nervous. You know, I could tell she was in a lot of pain.”

The passenger’s leg required surgery and the captain was forced to return to Argentina. That was when “rough seas” crashed into the cruise ship during its journey back to Argentina through known turbulent waters.

“This wave hit it, literally crashed through windows, flowed into these rooms, flowed into rooms, but also broke walls, and some walls flowed into rooms next door,” said Tom Trussdale. rice field. .

the viking said statement On its website, it investigates wave incidents and is committed to the safety and security of all guests and crew.

Viking released a second statement regarding the Zodiac boat incident, stating: At risk of injuring his leg while on a small boat, Viking was taken to the medical center aboard the Polaris. ”

“Following a detailed diagnosis by the ship’s medical team, it was decided that the ship would immediately sail to Ushuaia so that the guests could receive additional medical care from a hospital on shore.” They are currently recuperating on the coast of Ushuaia and are due to return home afterward.Vikings continue to support them during this time.We are committed to the safety and security of all our guests and crew and will continue to We are investigating the cause of


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