Oak Brook Police Plan to Use More Forms of Technology as Tools to Fight Crime


The Oak Brook Police Department plans to continue increasing its use of technology as a primary tool in fighting crime and keeping the village safe.

Automatic license plate readers will be installed on eight parcels of Oak Brook in 2022, allowing the village to share costs with the residents of those parcels under a 50/50 program. The village also installed seven additional license plate readers on village-owned roads and purchased mobile license plate reader/video surveillance trailers and handheld GPS launchers to safely track fleeing vehicles. said Police Chief Brian Strockis.

“My vision for Oak Brook Police Department is simple,” he said. “We keep our schools safe, we keep our neighborhoods safe, we keep our business communities safe.”

The use of technology is just one of the tools Oak Brook Police use, but it is an important and growing tool.

Drone systems are planned for the near future, and Strockis said the department is setting up a virtual real-time crime center called FUSUS. It is software that has the ability to integrate various camera surveillance systems and place them on a single platform that officers can access in real time.

Strockis, who took over as police chief in June 2022, said: Easy access for street cops.

“Today, officers are logged into so many different systems that it is difficult to effectively navigate through them all. be integrated into.”

Strockis said FUSUS will cost the village $100,000 in 2023 and $125,000 in 2024 and 2025. “Communities who want to share video streams on the system he partner will have a small cost.”

Strockis said the FUSUS platform is open to any business or citizen who wants to share a camera feed or register a camera, so investigators can spend hours on canvas when looking for surveillance video in a particular area. can save

“It’s important to note that this system is 100% configurable by our community partners,” he said. “Businesses and residents can choose to grant access to police stations to monitor camera feeds all the time, only external cameras, or only when there is an emergency at the location.”

Strockis said he has already spoken about FUSUS at the homeowners association presidents’ meeting and plans to do it again in February.

“We introduced this platform at the last Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce meeting, and we already have a strong interest in the community,” he said, noting that FUSUS has a community out platform to help inform the community. I added that we have a reach team. .

Strockis said all village cameras will be live on FUSUS, including the golf course, library and Bath & Tennis Club. Schools and Oak Brook All cameras in the Park District will be installed on the platform as early as next week, he said Monday.

“We will be able to have all of our automatic license plate reader cameras on FUSUS and will be working on dual streams with these cameras to create live streaming cameras as well,” he said.

Strockis is very happy with the help FUSUS provides to police to keep Oak Brook as safe as possible.

“I spent years in the detective department, trying to track down cases and get videos of suspects and vehicles,” he said. The investigation was delayed either because we didn’t know how or because we were late in obtaining the necessary video footage.”

With the FUSUS Virtual Real Time Crime Center, emergency responders automatically place the five cameras closest to their computer screens, Strockis said. “This is a safety advantage for officers, but it also doubles their ability to see what the situation is like before they arrive,” he said. “Cops can capture real-time images of suspects and vehicles and disseminate that information quickly.”

In addition to everything else the system offers, FUSUS also has a Community Connect feature, allowing residents to opt-in to SMS messaging to keep them informed about ongoing cases and other crime-related information the community should know immediately. Receive alerts directly from police stations.

“The applications for the FUSUS platform are vast and configurable for years to come to meet the needs of the department and the community as a whole,” Strockis said.

Mayor Greg Summers was not surprised that Strokkis had brought FUSUS to Oakbrook.

“When the village searched for a new police chief in 2022, first and foremost on the police chief selection committee’s list of criteria was the new policy as a multiple of power to keep residents, businesses and schools safe. He was a proactive chief with a focus on implementing and leveraging technology,” Summers said. “Secretary Strockis was chosen because he embodies these standards and provides a clear path of technology and procedures that aligns with the Village’s core mission of public safety.”

Chuck Fieldman is a freelance reporter for Pioneer Press.


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