NRA appeals to overturn Illinois ban on semi-automatic weapons


springfield, illinois — Illinois’ ban on semi-automatic weapons two weeks ago outlawed “ubiquitous” firearms as a “radical” defiance of the Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association filed on Tuesday. The lawsuit alleges.

Powerful NRA Participated in a parade of gun rights activists It’s about to repeal the newly enacted ban on dozens of rapid-fire pistols and long guns, as well as high-capacity magazines and attachments.

Democratic Governor JB Pritzker signed into law on January 10 In response to Seven people were shot dead during the 4th of July parade in Chicago suburb Highland Park, 30 people were also injured. He said he believed the law would stand up to court challenges to its constitutionality.

Two individual gun owners in Benton, nine miles northeast of St. Louis, are the lead plaintiffs in a second NRA lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. They include his two gun dealers and shooting range operators in southern Illinois, and a Connecticut-based shooting sports trade association.

The NRA’s petition notes that the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 2008 Heller decision refuses to allow restrictions on today’s “commonly used weapons.” .

Illinois law takes radical steps to ban “nearly all modern semi-automatic rifles. I own it,” the document said.

According to the lawsuit, the 24 million AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in circulation in the United States far outnumber the 16 million Ford F-150 trucks, the country’s best-selling vehicle.

A similar constitutional challenge was filed last week in the Benton-based Southern District. Filed by gun owners and gun rights advocacy groups.

Other lawsuits filed in southern Illinois county courts challenge the legislative process for ratifying the law.

CBS Chicago Note that Dozens of Illinois County Sheriffs It said it would not check to see if legal gun owners had their weapons registered. provoke a backlash in some places.

Plaintiffs in all cases are likely to seek courts in southern Illinois because they tend to favor Second Amendment rights. In central and southern Illinois, where hunters and sports shooters have large populations, guns are viewed much more favorably than in the northern metropolitan areas, especially Chicago, which continues to fight deadly handgun violence. increase.

The NRA-backed lawsuit also cites a statutory ban on high-capacity ammunition cartridges (up to 10 for rifles and 15 for pistols), and because the weapon in question would not work without them, add-ons are constitutionally protected by inference. It is a “firearm” that was made.

Pritzker and allies across the country call the gun an “assault weapon”The petition describes the tradition of carrying weapons and includes a glossary. A restricted semi-automatic weapon is not a machine gun, explaining that each round ejection requires a separate squeeze of the trigger.

The detachable magazine dates back to the Civil War, and the semi-automatic power supply dates back a century.


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