Northwestern Defeats Boise State to Advance to Second Round of NCAA Tournament


Sacramento, Calif. — Calmness is essential if you want to survive and move forward in March.

Leading by five points with eight minutes remaining, Northwestern coach Chris Collins signaled his team to calm down. It had just lost another scoring opportunity in transition, and the image of NU throwing away the lead they held all game was too close to reality.

That is, until the player regains his composure.

“We were very calm,” Collins said. “Every time they tried to speed us up and make us go a little too fast, we just calmly executed and scored.”

Collins credited senior guards Boo Bouillet and Chase Ordige as he led the Wildcats to a 75-67 win over Boise State on Thursday, advancing to the second round for the second time since the first game in 2017.

“That advice [the 2017 team] I can’t explain what I’ve been given,” said Auge. “People who saw what this meant for the Northwest community and were waiting for another [NCAA Tournament win] That’s excellent. we just want it to continue. ”

The defense was expected to define the No. 7 NU’s matchup against No. 10 Boise State. The Wildcats recorded his 7 steals and converted his 9 turnovers for the Broncos into his 10 points.

But they were losing on the board. NU gave up 12 offensive rebounds and 20 total in the stretch for 20 second-chance points. They rebounded him 41-33.

“We had a hard time,” said Collins. “We have to do a better job blocking who we play on Saturday.

Collins said Wednesday that he needs great performances from his leading scorers Bouillet and Audigi.

After the Wildcats’ loss to Pennsylvania State in the Big Ten Tournament held Odige down to six points, Collins was unwaveringly confident and had no qualms about facing the Broncos.

Auge responded with 20 points, going 7-for-8 from the free-throw line. Bouillet was the game’s leading scorer with his 22 points, five rebounds and he had five assists. Ty Berry scored his 13 points and Brooks Barnhizer his 10.

The Broncos had a 26.1% 3-point shooting percentage.

“For me, it wasn’t about playing the big game,” said Auge. “If we got five points and won, it would feel exactly the same. It’s so hard to come here and play against a really good team in Boise who caused trouble along the way.”

Throughout the season, Collins’ team has proven many allegations wrong. The Wildcats used negativity as fuel. Before embarking on his cross-country trek, Bouillet was asked what surprised him the most this season.

“Nothing,” he replied.

NU has said it has had enough to return to this stage all season.

“Ever since we met as a team on the first day of summer, there have been a lot of negative comments about the future of the program,” Collins said. “[People said] We didn’t have enough talent. The coach doesn’t know what he’s doing or anything like that. We got together and said enough. ”


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Written by Natalia Chi

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