The Orange Friday pep rally highlighted Niles West High School, where the Wolves football team has a 5-1 record.

The team, cheerleaders, dancers, and drum line brought their energy to the rally ahead of their game against Highland Park High School Friday night.

Coach Nick Torres says his team’s winning success comes from leaders like team captain, Jayden Fowler.

“I believe that the best teams are player led and over the last three years being here with these guys since they were sophomores, the team has done a great job embodying what I’ve asked, by taking control of the program. So we’re where we are because we have great leaders like this guy,” Torres said.

Fowler says connectedness is their secret. 

“We’re so connected. We’re like, basically, family at this point. We talk to each other every day. We hang out after school, before school. We just spend so much time together. That’s why we’re so connected and a great team today,” Fowler said. 

Fowler has a twin brother on the team, which he says pushes them to be competitive but also serves the team well when they are both blocking for their running back.

Principal Jeremy Christian says the team spirit represents a way of life in their school community. 

“Here’s what I’ve told them: Wolfpack mentality. We have a motto, ‘this is our house, respect all, fear none.’ It’s our house,” Christian said.

Principal Christian ran through the Wolves’ breakaway banner and accepted the Good Day Chicago official Bears customized jersey. He said he and his kids stayed up late watching the Bears get their first victory of the season.