Murkowski and Peltola Win Re-Election in Alaska


Republican Senator Lisa Markowski Alaska Democrats have won re-election, the Alaska Elections Office announced Wednesday. Mary PeltraAlaska used a ranked choice voting system in both races.

Markowski — the only Republican to run for re-election who convicted Former President Donald Trump fended off a challenge by Trump-backed Republican Kelly Tzibaka in the second Senate impeachment trial. Democrat Pat Chesbro also participated in the vote.

However, the elections department announced Wednesday that Murkowski was the winner with 135,972 votes after the third round.

Markowski tweeted Wednesday “I am honored that Alaskans of all regions, backgrounds and political affiliations have once again given me the confidence to continue working for Alaskans and for them in the United States Senate.”

Senate balance of power remains 50 Democrats to 49 Republicans, final seat pending Georgia spill on December 6th. Democrats already have a majority.

there were 4 Candidates Under Voting in competition for the state’s only legislative seat. Pertola won in the third round, defeating pro-Trump candidate, former governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, according to the election department.

In the final tally, after reallocation, Peltra received 136,893 votes and Palin received 129,433 votes. Republican Nick Begich’s voters split 43,013 for Palin (66.9%), 7,460 for Pertola (11.6%), and 13,864 for no second option (21.5%).

Pertra murmured Wednesday night: “We did it!!” alongside a screenshot of the headline about her victory and a video of dancing crabs.

She was elected to the House for the first time in this summer’s special election, ending the term of Rep. Don Young and becoming the first Democrat elected to a seat in nearly 50 years. She is currently elected to full term.

Alaska’s ranked voting system will determine the winner after receiving 50% of the votes. The candidate with the lowest first-choice votes is eliminated, and the second-choice voters are reassigned to the remaining candidates. Then, in the third round, the candidate with the next lowest number of votes is eliminated and its votes are reassigned to the remaining candidates. This is repeated until one candidate reaches her 50% threshold.

With the latest results, CBS News now projects Republicans won 221 seats and Democrats won 213 seats in the House. has already won the majority The House of Commons, though small, requires only 218 people.


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