Multiple injured in Iowa building explosion


Multiple people were injured in a building explosion in Marengo, Iowa on Thursday as crew members attempted to extinguish the fire on a large scale.

Police were notified of the explosion and fire at around 11:20 am local time, and multiple rescue and fire services were dispatched to the scene. About 30 people were inside the building at the time, all of whom are missing, according to police.

“At this time, there are no fatalities,” Iowa Patrolman Bob Conrad said Thursday afternoon. Conrad said not everyone needed medical attention, but those who needed it were getting it. Details of the injuries were not immediately available, but Conrad said they ranged from “mild” to “more concerning.”

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office has warned Marengo residents to stay indoors and avoid the area, sharing a photo of a large plume of black smoke.

A building exploded in Marengo, Iowa, injuring several people.

Iowa County Sheriff’s Office

Conrad said several nearby buildings and homes had been evacuated due to “wind concerns, chemical concerns and fires,” adding that the building that caught fire was a factory “that works with biofuels.” He added.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote: Facebook“City of Emergency in Marengo: Anyone evacuated by the fire can go to the Iowa County Transportation Building. Otherwise please stay indoors. There is a large fire. please give me!”

The University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic said, “We are accepting multiple patients following today’s explosion in Marengo and anticipate that others may be on their way. At this time, we are not aware of the severity of the injuries.” We are evaluating the degree of severity and are working to ensure that all patients receive the care they need.At this time, we are unable to comment on the specific conditions of patients receiving our care.

in the post of Facebook, the city of Marengo asked residents to avoid going out because of the smoke from the fire. Officials also warned residents that “excess water use for fires” could cause the water to turn brown.


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