Mild and dry with sunny skies Monday

Chicago area students will be fortunate much of this week and can enjoy outdoor recess, without the jackets or coats that are often needed this time of year 

Late morning to midday temperatures Monday through Thursday are expected to be in the mid to upper 50s with plenty of sunshine.  With conditions like this, maybe the adults can find a reason to get outside and enjoy the weather as well.

Over the next three months, we’ll celebrate no fewer than four notable holidays.  The average temperatures in Chicago on Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are very similar. 

As we’ve learned, all those holidays can bring plenty of volatility and a wider range of weather conditions.

Before we get to those winter holidays, we’ll of course, celebrate Thanksgiving.  The late November holiday can also bring highly variable conditions.  Last Thanksgiving was mild, with a trace of rainfall and a low of 35º and a high of 54º.  Chicago’s temperature records date back to 1871 and the warmest Thanksgiving was in 1966, when the mercury reached 69º.  It was much colder in 1930 when the high only reached 14º.  Twenty years later, the city experienced its lowest Thanksgiving temperature when it dipped to -1º in 1950.

Not very often do we have a wet holiday. 

37% of all Thanksgivings receive measurable precipitation, with the wettest occurring in 1968 when 1.56″ of rain fell on the city.  The holiday can also bring snowflakes.  Since 1884, 23% of all Thanksgivings see at least a trace of snow and 12% receive measurable snowfall.  Chicago’s snowiest Thanksgiving was in 1980, when 3″ blanketed the region. The last time the city had measurable snow on Thanksgiving was 2007, when 0.1″ fell on the area.

U.S. Temperature and Precipitation Outlook

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