Monica Vitti, what illness she really had and how she died


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Monica Vitti, an unforgettable icon of Italian cinema, passed away last February at the age of 90. Here’s everything there is to know about her last days of life.

It was last February 2nd when Monica Vitti, a timeless actress and an unparalleled style icon, died after a long illness. She spent the last years of her life away from the stage and from the spotlight, closed in an impenetrable silence and surrounded by very few loved ones. Let’s find out together some little-known details of her departure from the world.

Farewell to the world of Monica Vitti

Monica Vitti died at the age of 90 after a long and fruitful militancy in the world of cinema and art tout court: she marked an era as an actress, making herself known and loved all over the world and collaborating with directors of the caliber of Alberto Sordi, Michelangelo Antonioni, Tinto Brass and many others. Until the 90s, her presence was lively and constant: not only as a film and theater actress, but also as a presenter, commentator and showgirl. Then, due to an Alzheimer’s-like ndolardegenerative disease, she disappeared from the show and entertainment scene.

Monica Vitti’s last television appearance dates back to 2002 to be exact. Of course, after her sudden disappearance from the scene, the media and fans of the great actress tried in every way to understand what was the reason, and within shortly, the news spread that she was seriously ill. Among the many rumors spread there was also the one according to which Monica had been hospitalized in a specialized clinic in Switzerland: unfounded news that was later denied by Monica’s husband, Roberto Russo, with whom the actress was married since 2000 and who remained with her until the end.

It was then Roberto himself who explained how his wife was not isolated from the world, even though she never moved from her home in Rome, where she was helped and cared for by him and a caregiver. Unfortunately, Monica’s illness slowly crept into her brain, affecting memories and memories, which over time have been pulverized. Despite the effects of the disease, however, through her eyes she managed to maintain contact with others, creating that closeness that nothing and no one has ever been able to erase.

Among the many colleagues who remember Monica Vitti with affection, esteem and gratitude, it is enough to mention Sophia Loren, Carlo Verdone, Pippo Baudo and many others. Maurizio Costanzo, for example, describes her as a “companion on the road”, precisely because they lived close to her when they were young: “she was special – she said she-she: she was comical, self-deprecating and capable of doing everything. Just think of ‘Stardust’ with Sordi. We had a loving relationship. We did ‘Canzonissima’ together and she liked to speak in Sicilian dialect to play, because she was originally from Messina ”.


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