M&M replaces ‘Spokescandies’ ahead of Maya Rudolph-led Super Bowl ad


M&M’s announced Monday that it would put the company’s iconic character on “indefinite suspension,” replacing it with actress Maya Rudolph after last year’s mascot makeover controversy.

The company said it didn’t expect the change to M&M’s colorful cartoon mascots “spokescandies” to “break the internet,” noting that “even candy shoes can be polarizing.” bottom.

“Last year we made some changes to our beloved spokes candy.”

M&M’s said in a statement on Twitter: “I didn’t know if anyone would notice, and I definitely didn’t think it would break the internet.”


Earlier last year, M&M’s gave its mascot a more unique personality and a new look. The brand also introduced a new purple M&M in September, meant to represent acceptance and inclusivity.

“We are confident that Mr. Rudolph will champion the power of fun and create a world where everyone feels they belong,” Brand said. It was confirmed.

According to M&M’s, Rudolph will star in the brand’s upcoming Super Bowl campaign, saying, “As Chief of Fans, she will use her humor and charming personality to create a world where everyone feels they belong. He plans to play the role of “helping the brand achieve its mission of creating.”

“I can’t say much more right now, but fans are on M&M’s social media channels and To see more of Maya’s journey, we’ll be sharing more about Spokescandies’ new pursuits in the coming weeks,” M&M said in an email.

M&M Controversy

The rebranding provoked a backlash from conservatives. Among them was Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who criticized “his M&M’s that woke him up.”

As part of the makeover, green M&M’s changed their knee-heeled boots into sneakers.Meanwhile, brown M&M’s changed their stiletto heels into short heels.


Carlson lashed out at the character design changes last year, stating, “M&M’s won’t be satisfied until every last cartoon character is wildly unattractive and completely androgynous.”

Polarizing is “the last thing M&M wanted because it’s all about bringing people together,” the company said. “Therefore, we have decided to suspend Spokes Candies indefinitely.”

It’s unclear how long the suspension will last. On Sunday, the brand posted a video on social media featuring the mascot celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Spokescandy’s “Pause” recalls the fate of another mascot. It’s the 2020 “demise” of Mr. Peanut from Planters Peanuts.

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