‘Miraculous.’ Quintet of nurses at Berwyn Birthing Center expecting their baby


In a heartwarming announcement, a nurse quintet at McNeill Hospital Birthing Center said they are expecting their baby in the coming months.

“I was surprised and delighted,” said the center’s nurse manager, Heather Chavez. “Having a child that we all grow up with is really exciting.”

Chavez, along with Vanessa Martinez, the first nurse to announce her pregnancy, are both due at the end of January. I’m here.

All of the antenatal nurses with different specialties at the birth center have supported each other throughout their shared pregnancies, Chavez said.

“We all work on the same floor, one in labor, one in daycare, one in postpartum and one in labor,” she said. “We have different specialties. If you have questions about labor and postpartum, or you can ask each other questions.”

The McNeill Hospital Birth Center is made up of a team of obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists and medical staff with training and expertise in the labor and delivery process.

It needs a village, said Avalos.

Chavez, who is pregnant with her third boy, said she remembers her first She announced her pregnancy six years ago at the hospital. Her nurse manager said sharing her own delivery experience helps other pregnant women feel comfortable with the care they receive at her birthing center.

“From my experience delivering here, I can tell you that the staff work really hard and know they care.

Echeveria, who is just over a month away from her due date, said this was her first baby and that she received a lot of hands-on training at work.

Another nurse said her pregnancy gave her a new perspective on her role as a caregiver for an expectant mother.

“It’s very different when you’re pregnant,” Lopez said.

Sharing each milestone along the way, the hospital recently threw a surprise baby shower to celebrate motherhood. Caregivers also revealed their gender as a team.


McNeil Hospital recently celebrated expectant mothers with a baby shower. The staff also revealed their gender as a team.

McNeill Hospital Birth Center

Chavez, Avalos and Echeveria said they were expecting a baby boy. Martinez and Lopez said they are expecting a girl.

Three of the babies will be delivered at a birthing center, Chavez said.

Nurse managers said they weren’t worried about staffing when nurses went on maternity leave because they only have one nurse from each unit at a time.

“We have staff here to take care of everyone!” Chavez said.

Mary Jo Kron, a veteran nurse who has worked in labor and delivery at McNeil Hospital for 34 years, says the hospital has seen a bigger baby boom than before with five new babies on the horizon. .

fourteen A few years ago, she said, seven nurses got pregnant at once.


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