“Minimum wage against poor checks”


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The line of the INPS President in favor of minimum salary in Italy, closely tied – second Pasquale Tridico – to the next pension reform 2022-2023.

Interviewed by Previndai Media Player – the multimedia newsletter of the pension fund of industrial managers Previndai – the head of INPS affirms that “Poor and too discontinuous jobs will produce poor pensions, which, to be dignified and guarantee a subsistence basis, must be supplemented by State and therefore from general taxation “. For this reason, Tridico continues, we need to make reforms “that give millions of underpaid or illegally paid people a legal minimum wage, contracts with adequate levels of overalls”. Regarding the flexibility in output, Professor Tridico reiterates his reform proposal for some time on the Government’s bench: “whoever wants to retire early from 63 years onwards, receives from the moment of retirement and up to 67 years of age a pension calculated on the basis of their payments with the contribution system (payments after 1996) and that from the age of 67 receive a full pension, adding the contribution share and the salary share, the latter obviously calculated on the contributions before 1996 “. According to the President of INPS, this pension reform “would have a very limited impact on public accounts and would guarantee a further form of flexibility, leaving the individual to evaluate when to anticipate the exit”. (adj. by Niccolò Magnani)


As reported by Tgcom24, Andrea Orlando explained that the Fornero Law “must be changed, we must build flexibility on the way out”. For the Minister of Labor, it is necessary in particular to “affect the heaviest jobs, taking into account the usury that various professions determine and taking into account the role that women are forced to face by taking on family work as well. Exactly what we started doing this year and that we need to strengthen after discussions with the social partners ”.

Meanwhile, as reported by La Nuova Venezia, in an assembly of workers at the Petrochemical in Porto Marghera, Maurizio Landini said he found it absurd that in Italy pensions “are taxed more than financial income”, which should instead be “tanks to go to. to take resources to increase the minimum income of people who no longer make it to the end of the month “. In the meantime, we will see if the government will convene the trade unions again to discuss the post-Quota 102 pension reform.


Matteo Salvini, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, reiterates the importance that the launch of a pension reform under the banner of Quota 41 has for the League. The former Minister of the Interior “gives himself time” until September to get answers by Premier Draghi on the many requests of his party.

“Mayors and militants point out to me a growing intolerance towards a government that appears to be biased to the left on too many issues. On fiscal peace, pensions, immigration, justice. We need a change of pace “, explains Salvini, highlighting that the executive should think about fiscal peace” for the benefit not of the great tax evaders “, to” definitively overcome Fornero by finding an agreement on a quota 41 by the end of the year. Therefore, seal the borders since there are already 22,000 arrivals since the beginning of the year. Defending the purchasing power of wages and pensions. Protect public order in large cities. Confirm the cut in excise duties and funds against expensive energy “. We will see what will be the responses of the Premier in the next three months.


In an article published the week run in L’Economia, the Corriere della Sera insert, Maurizio Benetti and Mauro Marè draw up a balance sheet of pension funds more than 25 years after their launch, also because the Pepps, the pan-European funds, are about to arrive. however, the severance pay for workers will not be able to converge. The authors point out that in terms of membership, for some time now, around 30% of potential members have been stuck. It is therefore necessary to understand how to intervene on this node, also taking into account that there are new forms of work, less stable than in the past, which would probably need ad hoc tools, without forgetting the possibility of joining funds directly from the web which could represent one useful tool for the younger generation.


Then there is the issue of income taxation, which could be addressed with the tax delegation law, but with potentially negative results if the marginal personal income tax rate is applied to pension fund benefits. Then there is the crux related to the fact that only 1-2% of the resources managed by pension funds (equal to about 200 billion dolars) is invested in the Italian economy. A node closely linked to that of fund governance, given that with the evolution of financial markets, rapid decision mechanisms are needed to avoid being caught off guard. Finally, there is the debut of the Pepps, which although not direct competitors will be able to create many problems for Italian pension funds, given the competition that will be operated from abroad.

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