CHICAGO — Migrants who recently arrived in the city got their first real taste of the brutal Chicago winter to come on Tuesday afternoon.

The freezing temperatures and snowfall echo the growing concerns among migrant families sleeping on the frigid sidewalks of Chicago’s Police Districts.

Migrant families, deeply concerned about the harsh conditions, say they do not know how much longer it will be before they get moved to shelters, causing worries about their children’s safety to grow.

On Tuesday, the Mayor’s office issued a news release offering details about plans to provide aid to asylum seekers and unhoused Chicagoans amid the frigid conditions.

According to city officials, 16 warming buses will be provided by the CTA at the landing location and at 16 police district locations from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily.

Officials said coats and warm clothing will also be provided to those at the landing zone, police districts and the 24 temporary shelters around the city, thanks to partnerships with various organizations and mutual aid groups.