Michelle Hunziker, the gesture with Giovanni leaves everyone stunned: now everything changes


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Michelle Hunziker has granted herself the first summer vacation with her new boyfriend Giovanni Angiolini: understanding and passion are not lacking.

The relationship with Tomaso Trussardi it officially ended last January, when the couple decided to publish a press release announcing their decision to separate after 7 years of marriage. For weeks the press has been looking for a trigger, but both those directly involved have explained that there was nothing to look for and that neither of them had betrayed the other.

In March Michelle Hunziker was caught in the company of a new flame: Giovanni Angiolini. The ex doctor Big Brother he is originally from Sassari and the two were paparazzi for the first time together in Alghero. Immediately there was talk of a possible relationship, but no confirmations or denials were received from those directly involved. Suddenly it also seemed that the date could have been shelved, since Giovanni and Michelle have not seen each other for a long time.

At that moment it was even thought that there could be a flashback between the Swiss presenter and Tomaso, given that the two sie had met in various public events and had also spent a weekend alone. The truth was quite different and it became clear a few days later, when some forums showed Michelle together with Giovanni again, this time in Paris and undoubtedly very close.

Michelle Hunziker on her honeymoon: the holiday with Giovanni is hot

There have been no more doubts that their dating has continued since that trip to the city of lovers. The couple, although they have never spoken to the press or openly on social networks about the relationship, came out into the open, giving space to public outings on the streets of Milanas well as at home meetings or in hotels that had already been discovered by the paparazzi in the previous months.

That Giovanni has become an important piece of Michelle’s life is demonstrated by the fact that the presenter introduced him to friends and the people she works with. The same goes for Giovanni, who introduced her to his family during his last trip to Alghero. The couple allowed themselves moments of relaxation between swimming in the sea, sun, hugs and kisses in the splendid Sardinian town, then they met with his parents.

An important meeting, given that Angiolini cares a lot about his family and having introduced Michelle to them is an important step. At the moment it is not possible to say whether theirs is a passionate story or one real love story in the bud, what is certain is that they seem to get along well with each other and that the intentions to lay the foundations for something important are all there.

Michelle Hunziker


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