Michael Strahan receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Hollywood, Los Angeles — Michael Strahan blazes another trail by dedicating his first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the sports entertainment category.

He’s an NFL Hall of Famer, game show host, Peabody Award-winning journalist, and now has a star in his own right.

“It’s surreal,” said Strahan. “Who would have thought that this could happen in life as an adult, especially when you’re in the world of sports and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?”

His legacy is rooted in football and has evolved to show that he is a giant in more ways than one.After winning the 2007 Super Bowl and making seven appearances in the Pro Bowl, Strahan has made a name for himself in sports media. became a celebrity in

He’s also made his voice heard in other areas by hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America,” writing books, launching brands, and going to space.

“I thought I had to go to space to be with the stars, but I don’t think so,” he said. “I could have saved my trip.”

his secret? Stay true to who he is.

“I have a lot of different personalities, but they’re all really authentic, and I think that’s what really helps me build my career and enjoy life and what I do.

He’s learning who he can be with the help of people who push and guide him when he can’t see certain things for himself.

“There are many people and people from different sides and different parts of my life, but they all have the same common theme: the good, the good, the desire to do better for everyone around them. Being human.

Those people came out to support Strahan’s big day in Hollywood, honoring the number 92 and his new number as the 2,744th star on the Walk of Fame.


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