Mexico issues alert over social media tranquilizer ‘challenge’


Mexican health authorities issued a warning Wednesday about an Internet “challenge” in which groups of students from three Mexican schools took tranquilizers to see who can stay awake the longest.

The Department of Health has called on the public to report any shop that sells clonazepam, a tranquilizer, without a prescription.

The alert came a week after eight students at a Mexico City middle school were treated after taking a “controlled drug”. Some were hospitalized.

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The department warned of the “last man to sleep wins” social media challenge, calling it dangerous.

“The appeal is also for children and adolescents not to participate in or promote challenges that put their lives at risk,” the department wrote.

The second school in as many days was hit on Thursday by the mass ingestion of tranquilizer pills which could be linked to the social media ‘challenge’.

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Earlier last week, three students at another middle school near the northern city of Monterrey were treated for doses of clonazepam.

In 2022, five students at a middle school near the western city of Guadalajara were treated for consuming what state governor Enrique Alfaro described as “a strong tranquilizer.”


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