Mexican prosecutors are seeking extradition of a US suspect in the murder of a North Carolina woman in San Jose del Cabo.


Mexican prosecutors said Thursday they had indicted an American woman for murdering another American i saw you beaten with a viral video.

Prosecutors in Baja California Sur have not released the name of the suspect in Shankera Robinson’s October 29 death.

However, they tried to contact Mexican federal prosecutors and diplomats to extradite the woman for prosecution in Mexico.

Robinson’s death in the resort development of the Baja Resort Town of San Jose del Cabo shocked people in both countries. The video raised suspicions that Robinson may have died at the hands of people he was traveling with.

Local prosecutor Antonio López Rodriguez said the case was being treated as a possible homicide and an arrest warrant had been issued for the suspect. However, the group Robinson was traveling with left Mexico after Robinson was found dead in a rented villa.

State prosecutor Daniel de la Rosa Anaya said the suspect was also American, but did not identify her.

FBI Confirmed by CBS News On Tuesday, it also launched an investigation into Robinson’s death.

The video, apparently shot at a luxury villa in San Jose del Cabo, shows an apparently American woman beating up another woman, identified as Robinson.

This video has been reposted many times on social media sites. In it, a man with an American accent can be heard saying, “Can you at least fight back?” The man did not appear to intervene in the beating.

The video raised questions as to why no one intervened in the beating, or why the people she was traveling with had beaten her.

Shankera’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, said in an interview with CBS News last week that she was first told by Shankera’s friends that Shankera had fallen ill from alcohol poisoning. An autopsy revealed that she had suffered spinal cord and neck injuries.

An autopsy showed “her death had nothing to do with alcohol,” Salamondra said.


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