Mercury helps lovers, lucky signs


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By Olimpia Fumagalli


15 June 2022, 17:44

Tomorrow, Paolo Fox’s horoscope predicts a splendid day for many signs: thanks to Mercury in Gemini, there will be many who could spark love.

The horoscope for Friday June 17 and the forecasts by Paolo Fox sign by sign. The Moon in the sign of Capricorn will annoy the Cancerwhile Mercury remains stable in Twins will kick off the mating season.


Thanks to the support of Mars you feel practically invincible. You always have the answer ready at the right time.


Proceed with caution. Today you will have to take care of paperwork and other necessary tasks. Love proceeds steadily.


Your fiery temperament will be a little more excessive than usual, be careful not to stress your soulmate too much.

At work, you will be a little distracted and irritable.


You may feel a little upset on this day. You have a lot of projects in mind, but if you don’t set priorities, you could get lost.


Lonely hearts may feel sadness today, all because of your pride and your opinionated attitude that drives others away. In the office, you might reach an agreement with your boss.


Thanks to the presence of Venus in your sign, enthusiasm and sympathy are doubling today. If you move with intelligence and dexterity you will have all doors open.

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Today will certainly be a special day, but a bit problematic.

Your plans may be upset, but thanks to the Moon, the outcomes will all be advantageous.


The Moon will highlight your coldness and clarity. You are skilled and precise in everything you do and at work you will be able to carry out some commitments that had been pending for some time.


Today you will have a lot of energy, but also a hint of uncertainty. Stop for a moment to reflect and, above all, listen to people you trust.


Loneliness begins to weigh on you too much, but don’t be discouraged.

At work you may have a few small problems.


In love you are too selective, better let yourself be carried away by the impetus. At work, try to carry out one project at a time to be more productive.


After some discussion in the family, peace will reign. No more long faces even at work.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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