Mel Kuiper Jr.: ‘No Top 10 Receivers Right Now’ in 2023 Draft


If you think the Bears’ 2022 season is all about developing quarterback Justin Fields, you can make a difference by picking a top five draft pick like Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow’s Jamer Chase and Tua’s Jalen Waddle. Losing enough games to win a spawning receiver. Tagovailoa, Miami — Since then, rebuilding seems to be on schedule.

Fields took small steps as a passer, giant leaps as a runner, and established himself as a building quarterback after a struggling first month. And the 3-8 Bears are currently taking his No. 3 pick in the 2023 Draft. He could maintain this position regardless of how Fields played in his remaining seven games.

But as they say, timing is everything.

“If Marvin Harrison Jr. was in this draft, he would be the No. 3 pick by the Bears,” ESPN’s longtime draft analyst Mel Kuiper Jr. said. “Marvin Harrison Jr. will replace Larry Fitzgerald, Keyshawn Johnson and Irving Fryer. [were], all the elite guys lined up to be the number one pick overall. Unfortunately he is not in this draft. ”

The 6-4, 205-pound Harrison is the son of Hall of Fame receiver Marvin Harrison and has had a stellar sophomore season at Ohio State. I catch it almost every week. However, he won’t be draft eligible until 2024.

“There are no top 10 receivers right now,” says Kiper. “Maybe USC’s Jordan Addison. Could be TCU’s Quentin Johnston. North Carolina’s Josh Downs. Jackson Smith-Nigba. [of Ohio State] He should have been in the top 10, but he got hurt. Someone I really like is Zay Flowers from Boston University. He’s the most underrated receiver in this draft.”

At this point, nothing sure is loaded at the top of the draft. In fact, Kipper said he has four players who don’t qualify for this draft and would be top four picks.

We still have a long way to go. But as it stands, quarterbacks Alabama’s Bryce Young, Ohio State’s CJ Stroud and Kentucky’s Will Levis are still in demand, and the Bears’ primary scenario is to secure a top-three pick. is.

“Trading down and getting someone to get that third quarterback is always [a possibility] — you get a lot in return,” Kuiper said. “You’re not going to get a receiver there. No aggressive linemen [No. 3]Other than the quarterback, no one on the attacking side has a 3 on the ball. ”

Northwest tackle Peter Skoronski is a top-rated lineman (and “a very good tackle,” Kipper said), but not a top-five pick. One Will Anderson stock fell slightly after a good but not great season. Georgia’s defensive tackle Jalen his Carter is good at his technique on threes and has passed Anderson as the best defensive player in the draft, Kipper said.

At this point, all factors are in flux, from the Bears staying in the top 3 or top 5 to the changing “big board” through the big college games and the draft process. But with Fields on the rise and the Bears down to his 3-8 record, the draft picture is starting to wrap up.

“Trading the pick down may be the best option,” Kipper said.

2. Wherever the Bears Draft Wide receivers are high on the list. However, as Kipper pointed out, “history shows that good receivers are available down the line.”

That’s right. He was the only one of the top 10 wide receivers in yards this season to earn a top 10 pick. Waddle in 6th place. The other nine are Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill (165), Vikings’ Justin Jefferson (22), Bills’ Stephon Diggs (146), Raiders’ Davante Adams (53), Rams’ Cooper Cup (69) and Commanders’ Terry. McLoughlin (76), Eagles’ AJ Brown (51), Saints’ Chris Olave (11) and Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb (17).

3. Coaches like to challenge hypotheses and So Bears’ Matt Everflascoach’s endorsement of backup Trevor Simian as a potential replacement for Fields on Monday meant the Bears didn’t take the chance and left Fields (shoulder) off against the Jets. It seemed to indicate that

would be a prudent move. The Jets defense has 32 sacks, which puts him tied for fourth in the NFL. The Jets also have his 81 quarterback hits this season, his second-most in the NFL.

Even if Fields misses two games, he’ll still have three weeks of rest (including a bye) and will play 15 games this season. Ample opportunity to move forward into 2023.

4. Same Old Song Category: If Siemian starts against the Jets as expected, it will be the Bears’ seventh quarterback starting change in the past two seasons and the 89th in the past 30 seasons.

Over the past 40 years, Bears quarterbacks who have started every game in a season are Jay Cutler (2009), Rex Grossman (2006), Eric Kramer (1995), Jim Harbaugh (1991) 2018) only four people. Harbaugh started his 27th straight game from 1991 to 1993, and from 1976 to 1978 he was the longest-running quarterback for the Bears since Avellini (41). rice field.

5. Building an offense in Chicago It’s never easy. In the span of five weeks, the Bears went from not having enough designed runs for Fields to having too many. Offensive coordinator Luke Getzee might have run for mayor while he still had the chance.

6. Bad News Category: The Bears have no sacks against the Falcons, only four in their last five games, and none by a defensive lineman. The last defensive his lineman to get a sack was Al his Quadin Muhammad in Week 6 against the Commanders.

The Bears have had just 31 quarterback hits this season, the fewest in the NFL. All other teams he’s over 40. The league average is 57.5.

7. Good News Department: The Bears are in the NFL’s top 10 (with a big jump starting in 2021). In a few key categories, most bad Bears teams are usually near the bottom: rushing (14th to 1st, 197.9 yards), yards per rushing (21st 5.4 yards from 1st). , Third Down Conversions (32nd to 6th, 45.6%), Takeaways (26th to 8th, 15), Turnover Difference (29th to 8th, plus 1), Redzone Touchdown Percentage (30th to 9th), 60%). The average score also improved from last season’s 27th place to 17th place (21.9 points).

8. Quentin Johnston Watch: The 6-4, 215-pound TCU Jr. made four catches for 48 yards in the first half against Baylor before being sidelined by a nagging ankle injury. Johnston has scored 49 receptions for 764 yards (15.6 average) this season and his five touchdowns with the Horned Toads (11-0).

9. Josh McCown Former Bears Player of the Week: In the Falcons’ 27–24 victory over the Bears, running back/kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson returned the kickoff for a 103-yard touchdown. This was his ninth kickoff his return his touchdown in his career and smashed his NFL record with Leon Washington and Josh Cribbs.

It was also Patterson’s third kickoff return touchdown against the Bears. He previously recorded a 105-yard return in 2013 with the Vikings and a 95-yard return in 2018 with the Patriots. Patterson also scored his two touchdowns on his return from the Bears’ kickoff. yards his return against the Vikings in 2020.

10. Bear Meter: 4-13 — In the Jets (L). against the Packers (L); against the Eagles (L); against the Bills (L); and against the Lions (W). Against Vikings (L).


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