Meghan Markle humiliated by the Queen, the background that no one knew


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The case of Harry and Meghan is enriched (so to speak) with new background: the photo denied between their daughter Lilibet and Queen Elizabeth has infuriated Netflix. Here because.

That photo is absolutely not to be done. Queen Elizabeth II categorically rejected the idea of ​​posing for a shot in the company of her great-granddaughter Lilibet, the fruit of the love of Harry and Meghan Markle. A setback difficult to swallow for the rebel dukes of Sussex, which could cost them very dearly …

Meghan furious after the sovereign’s rudeness

With her decision, Queen Elizabeth infuriated not only Meghan and Harry, but Netflix as well. Not being able to film the Sussex dukes next to the royal family, in fact, the streaming giant hoped that the couple would be able to get at least one souvenir photo of Queen Elizabeth, 96 years old, with the very young great-granddaughter Lilibet, just 1 year old. But nothing … Result: the well-informed argue that Meghan now risks losing a millionaire contract with Netflix.

For all the duration of the Jubilee of Queen Jarry and Meghan have been a bit on the sidelines, and not by choice but by compulsion. A royal expert says he is convinced that the prince is “absolutely furious” at the treatment given him during the celebrations, and so is Meghan. But why did the queen forbid Harry and Meghan from being photographed with Lilibet? As it turns out, insiders feared that any photos Harry and Meghan took would be shared with TV networks in the US or in Harry’s upcoming release memoirs.

Investigative reporter Tom Bower, who is currently working on a biography of the Duchess of Sussex, confirmed that “Meghan must have been furious when she heard that photographs of their meeting in Windsor were banned. Banned from the balcony for Trooping the Color, no shooting of her with the queen at St Paul’s and then the final blow: no shooting of Lilibet with her great-grandmother was authorized ”. “The Sussex contract with Netflix is ​​in danger – he added -. The veto of the photos will fuel the resentment of the Sussex ”.

The rebellious couple was also targeted for spending something like £ 160,000 in a matter of hours. Not to mention the tension with William and Kate, perceptible in various circumstances and culminating in the Cambridge refusal to attend Lilibet’s first birthday party because (at least officially) engaged in Wales.


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