Meet the people who light up Chicago’s skyline with messages on the Blue Cross Blue Shield building


Chicago (WLS) — The south side of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois building gives Chicagoans a new look.

Terrence Electric Chief Electrician Roy Swanson said:

The building’s electrician and housekeeping team were busy opening and closing the window shades, the office’s white lights spelled out the latest messages, and the rest of the office’s lighting was blocked.

The color of the light around the pillar is controlled by a computer.

“Sometimes there are still people in the building opening and closing the shades. [I] I have to run upstairs and adjust the shade again,” Swanson said.

Messages should be short.

Ashley Bullock is the communications consultant who creates them.

The day before Thanksgiving, the building says “Give Thanks.”

“Trying to find something that describes a cause or a holiday in just three words and up to seven letters can certainly be difficult, but it works,” Block said.

So when you see a message on the Chicago skyline, know that we have a team of people working to bring meaning to our celebrations and various issues.

“To create these messages, you need a village. Each letter is only five floors, so it needs a big presence, but it’s definitely worth it,” Block says.

“I want everyone to be happy. I want everyone to have fun. It’s been a rough year.” [and] It’s been a rough few years, so it’s kind of nice,” Swanson added.

“Give Thanks” will be available until Friday night.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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