McCarthy says block Schiff, Swalwell from information panel


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reiterated on Tuesday that he would block Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and California’s Eric Swalwell from participating in the House committee overseeing national intelligence, saying the decision was not based on political payoff. , said it was because “honesty is key and they failed.” at that place. ”

In the previous Congress, Democrats commissioned Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia and Rep. kicked out of duty.

Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries letter Sent to McCarthy over the weekend, it called for Schiff and Swalwell to be reappointed to the House Permanent Intelligence Committee, an authoritative panel with access to classified classified information. There is no ‘transformation’, said Jeffries.

Unlike most committees, appointments to intelligence panels are the prerogative of speakers, with input from minority leaders.

McCarthy said he would file a response on Tuesday, but said, “Let me be clear, this is different from what the Democrats have done. These members have other committees, but the Intel committee No. The Intel Commission’s responsibility is national: security to America.”

“Hakeem Jeffries has 200 other people who could be on that committee,” he added.

McCarthy was critical of Schiff’s actions as chairman of the committee during President Donald Trump’s first impeachment inquiry, saying he used his position to “lie the American people over and over again.” He also claimed that because Swalwell was unable to obtain security clearance in the private sector, he was “not going to provide him with any secrets to the United States.”

McCarthy sought to have Swalwell removed from the Intelligence Panel in March 2021 based on his contacts with suspected Chinese spies. His resolution against Swalwell, which was defeated in the Democratic-led House of Representatives, came after suspected spy Christine Fang first ran for Congress in 2012 and participated in the fundraising campaign for the 2014 election. citing information that he was in contact with the election campaign.

Federal agents alerted Swalwell to their concerns and briefed Congress on Fang in 2015. At that point, Swalwell says he cut off contact with her.

Schiff told colleagues in 2021 that Republican leaders, including then-House Speaker John Boehner in 2015 and Republican Rep. After being briefed, he said, “I did not express any objection to his continued service.” ” at the Intelligence Committee.

McCarthy claimed to prioritize national security over partisan politics.

“We will restore the Intel Commission to what it was meant to be. We will no longer miss what happened in Afghanistan. We will no longer miss what happened in China, Russia, Iran, and so on. I believe it should happen,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also vowed to remove Congressman Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Relations Committee. In a joint statement, the three Democrats targeted for removal from the committee said, “Kevin McCarthy surrendered to the right wing of the caucuses, undermining the integrity of Congress and in the process destroying our nation’s nation.” “It’s unfortunate but not surprising that we’ve compromised security,” he said.

They said “political retaliation against the three of us was necessary” as part of the negotiations McCarthy made to negotiate with Republican hardliners to become chairman.


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