Maui firefighter dies after being carried out to sea by storm drain while responding to floods


A Maui-based firefighter died Saturday, just over a week after being swept out to sea by a storm drain while responding to massive flooding on the Big Island of Hawaii.Tre Evans-Dumaran The 24-year-old was injured during a storm on January 27 and died after a “roller coaster” in hospital, his family and the county said.

Tre Evans-Dumaran died after being swept down a storm drain while responding to flooding on Maui in January.

Chelsea Evans/GoFundMe

The incident happened just a week ago when Maui was put down flash flood alarmCounty officials said on Jan. 30 that Evans Dumarin was responding to storm conditions in Kihei, an area along Maalaea Bay on the west side of the island.flushed down the storm drain” He was then found 800 yards from the coastline.

After more than three years with the Fire Department, Evans Dumarin was taken to the Maui Memorial Medical Center. County officials said on Jan. 30 that he was in intensive care and that “multiple life-saving measures were in place.”

Evans-Dumaran’s mother posted an update on a GoFundMe page she created to help with his medical expenses.

“When Tre got his first lung x-ray at the hospital, it looked completely white, meaning there was no air in his lungs,” his mother Chelsea Evans said last week. wrote…but that night the doctors discovered that the right side of my son’s heart was suffering.

Her son continued to show signs of improvement, and at one point even opened his eyes and said “thumbs up” in response to doctors orders. announced that

“Okay Lord, I can hear you clearly. It’s your plan. No negotiations. No plea bargains. Your plan. Your plan is okay if I go to Tre.” I’ll take the pain of missing you.” When I realize that my negotiations with you have gone awry, if it means no more pain and suffering, I will thank him for the rest of my life. “But hear, Lord, that you have created the most wonderful soul and gifted him to a teenage girl who was not ready to be a mother.” ,I took you on a challenge.I loved that gift more than I knew my 15 year old heart.Although imperfect, to take care of this beautiful gift with all my heart I did my best.”

City officials confirmed the newssaid Fire Chief Brad Ventura. statement “One loss is too many.”

“Tre loved being a firefighter and loved the people he worked with,” said Ventura. “Serving the community came naturally to him, because he was so happy serving people.”

Maui Mayor Richard Bissen Jr. said he was “devastated” by the death of Evans Dumarin.

“My heart is broken by this news. Every day our first responders risk their lives to help people and care about the communities they serve,” he said. . “This is a reminder of that risk and the courageous work they are doing for all of us….We send our condolences and prayers to Ohana of Tre and her fellow firefighters We will focus on supporting the


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