Matteo Berrettini, the truth about the farewell to his girlfriend: all speechless


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The number one of Italian tennis, Matteo Berrettini, was spotted in Rome in the company of a beautiful girl: who is it?

For some weeks now we have been talking about a relational crisis between Matteo Berrettini And Ajla Tomljanovic. The two tennis players met in 2019 and it was love at first sight between them. Shortly after they started dating and at the beginning of 2020 they started living together. Their relationship became even closer during the first lockdown, which was spent almost entirely in the Florida home of the Croatian tennis player.

Over the next two years it seemed that their relationship was going well, given that on every public occasion and also on social media the two young tennis players always showed themselves to be very close. The two also showed up together in February on the stage of Sanremoan occasion on which Rai and Amadeus celebrated the results achieved by Matteo on the tennis courts. The boy also became popular with non-sports fans when he played in the final Wimbledon against world number 1 Novak Djokovic.

Did Matteo Berrettini break up with Ajla Tomljanovic?

Until the beginning of February, therefore, there were no clouds in sight for the couple and the love life of Berrettini it looked perfect. On the other hand he had found a splendid girl, able to understand her professional commitments and to leave him calm during the intercontinental trips because she too is within the professional tennis circuit and therefore often involved in the same tournaments. However a few weeks ago Ajla has stopped following Matteo on Instagram and deleted all the photos with him from his profile.

At that point the media tried to figure out if they had split up, but neither of them wanted to make any statements about it. Yesterday, however, the gossip site ‘Very Inutil People’ reported rumors that Matteo Berrettini would have spent Friday night in the company of another girl. Apparently the tennis player would have been spotted at The Sanctuary of Rome in the company of a model and after a couple of hours he would leave the place hand in hand with her.

The gossip portal also puts forward a hypothesis on the identity of the girl who was with the tennis player the other night. It seems that she is the American model Meredith Mickelson. The girl, just 22, is one of the most followed young models on social media and already has millions of followers. Obviously what we are talking about is just a rumor, for which there is not even a photographic evidence as testimony. If the rumors turn out to be true we will find out only in the coming weeks.


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