Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti live together but in two houses


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For Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti the gossip spoke of crisis but judging by the photos that the magazine Chi publishes this week they seem to burst with love. The couple certainly does not break out and it is evident, indeed they have been living together for some time but there is a detail, they live together in two houses. They have two houses, that of the parliamentarian and that of the actor, neither of them gives up their independence and it seems to us a wise choice. A coexistence with which Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti managed to find the right balance as a couple. They have been talking about marriage for some time but the truth is that they have not yet decided to take that big step that often frightens. Among their desires is to create a family, to have children but for the moment it is a project that has been postponed, even if they are no longer kids in their first crush.

Are Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti in crisis?

The gossips say they are in crisis, that’s why they don’t get married, that’s why they have two houses. The weekly Who followed them around the capital, once again romantic, most likely they are not stolen photos but the couple is aware of the shots. So there is the walk in the park with the dog, the chatting hand in hand, the tenderness at lunch, there is no doubt that Boschi and Berruti are close-knit, accomplices and in love.

There are those who think that the film the actor has just finished making Boschi angry. It is a very hot Polish film with scenes that could embarrass the parliamentarian. Meanwhile, the film that is staged on the streets of the capital starring her who is 41 and he who is 37 is much more romantic, it is a beautiful love story.

They live a little at his house in Parioli, a little at her house in the center, who knows what an effort but many couples would like the choice.


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