Marco Mengoni engaged to the famous colleague? The whole truth comes up


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In recent months, there have been rumors of a sentimental relationship between Marco Mengoni and his colleague Mahmood. Here are the latest pink gossip about the singer from Ronciglione.

Marco Mengoni’s private life is an object of interest and attention as much as the public and artistic side. Indeed, perhaps even more. We are talking about a young musical talent who has sold millions and millions of copies, undoubtedly handsome and endowed with a magnetic charm, whose much talked about (but never heralded) homosexuality only adds spice to the pink gossip about him. For whom does the heart of the artist from Ronciglione beat?

The secret love of Marco Mengoni

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about an alleged relationship between Marco Mengoni and Mahmood, but the rumors about it have never been confirmed. Following the magazine Who he had photographed him in the company of a mysterious boy in the streets of Milan, but even in that case nothing certain or official. In the past the artist had confided to Corriere della Sera: “I don’t want to put my private life on social media, if it’s private I don’t want to put in the middle of people who have nothing to do with my fame. I do this job and I have to be shot in the square, but I don’t want my loved ones to be massacred. I want to protect the plants, let alone the people around me “.

Yet, many continue to argue that Marco Mengoni has found peace of heart and senses alongside Mahmood, a singer known by the general public (also) as the winner of the last Sanremo Festival. The fact remains that Mengoni is a very reserved type and has never spoken publicly about his private life, nor has he ever expressed himself too explicitly on his sexual orientation.

Always talking to the Corriere della Sera Marco Mengoni made it clear that he prefers to speak and be talked about through music, rather than on the pages of gossip magazines: “I don’t contemplate stakes and walls – he confided -, I don’t notice the tone of the complexion or the choice to love a man or a woman. But my private life is mine, if you want to feel my joy, my pain, you feel my records. I want to live this life as best as possible, unfortunately we in our thirties, too, have difficulty living it, with this time running too fast “. The identikit game moves forward …


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