“Many waves but weak, it has become endemic”


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On the trend of Covid in Italy and in the world Giovanni Rezza explained the current situation: “Many waves but weak, it has become endemic”

Giovanni Rezza has no doubts about Covid: “Many waves but weak, has become endemic “. The director of the Prevention of the Ministry of Health takes stock of a summit a La Sapienza of RomeThat of the World Health Summit Regional Meeting which had as its theme the coronavirus data of the last few days.

Rezza said: “The Sars-Co-V2 virus is becoming endemic and we expect new frequent waves but of limited intensity “.

Professor Rezza: “Many waves but weak

“We are returning to normal life, but there will be limitations and a selective use of masks will be necessary “. Rezza further explained: “Even now we are expecting it a new wave, but we think the intensity will be limited. But we need to quickly adapt vaccines to variantsalso by speeding up approvals “.

The lost dream of herd immunity

And about the key theme and original objective herd immunity from Covid? For that Rezza recommends do a reset. herd immunity is now “a dream lost due to variations, who respond less to vaccines, and also due to the lack of global access to vaccinations worldwide ”. The gloss was on Italy and immunizations: there is now “a certain vaccination ‘fatigue’ and many want to wait for the new vaccines adapted to the virus variants, and that may explain the reduction in new vaccinations“.


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