Man gets 4 years in prison for covering up death of Marlen Ochoa Lopez whose baby was cut from womb


The man who played a role in covering up the murder of Marlen Ocho-Lopez accepted a plea bargain on Monday.

Pyotr Bobak, 44, accepted a four-year plea on a reduced obstruction of justice charge.

During a hearing at Layton Criminal Court, Bobak said, “I regret every moment. He apologized to the victims’ families and said he hopes to make amends with them one day.

Bobak said he was misled by the two women accused in the case, Bobak’s then-girlfriend Clarissa Figueroa and daughter Desire Figueroa. Their lawsuit is still pending.

Judge Peggy Chimpas said Bobak has already served three or more prison sentences. 12 He will serve in Cook County Jail within four months. After he is released, he will be paroled for his six months.

In an interview Monday, Ocho Lopez’s father, Arnufl Ochoa, said he was disappointed with the court’s ruling.

“I disagree, but there’s nothing we can do. Unfortunately, that’s how the law works in this country. They’re just giving him the opportunity to continue committing crimes,” Ochoa said in Spain. spoke in language.

Prosecutors said Bobak cleaned up the murder scene and claimed the infant was his son to obtain charitable donations.

When police arrived with a search warrant, Bobak was outside his Scottsdale home in Figueroa, allegedly washing rugs with bleach and a hose, and in a trash can three weeks after Ocho Lopez was killed. When Bobak found a policeman, he dropped a bottle of bleach and went inside the house.

However, Bobak’s attorney claimed that he was unaware of the murder plot and had been misled by Figueroas.

“Petr was taken advantage of by them,” attorney Jeff Steinbach said in court Monday.

The petition mentions that Bobak met Clarissa Figueroa at Joliet’s clinic. Figueroa lied to Bobak that she was pregnant with his baby and he believed her, her agreement states.

Bobak’s lawyer said he was targeted by Clarissa Figueroa because he was trying to start a family of his own. “He was the perfect tool for Clarissa,” said Steinbach.

Ocho Lopez’s family has been vocal at past court hearings but was absent Monday. .

Ochoa said he was reluctant to attend the hearing knowing the outcome of the plea bargain.

“The truth is that I fear it [Bobak] See you in court. He is released and set free, but we continue to live in fear that something else might happen. I don’t know what his intentions were,” said Ochoa.

Clarisa Figueroa and her daughter have been accused of strangling pregnant Ochoa Lopez, 19, and cutting out her fetus. Baby Yovany Jadiel Lopez died a few months later in June 2019.

Prosecutors said Clarissa Figueroa’s murder plot began in late 2018 when she claimed she was pregnant. Posted in

Charade came to a terrifying conclusion in April 2019 when, with the help of his 24-year-old daughter, he lured Ochoa Lopez to a Scottsdale neighborhood home, strangled her, and cut the baby out of her womb. bottom.

Marlen Ocho-Lopez responded to a Facebook ad asking for free baby clothes, prosecutors said.

Clarissa Figueroa and Desiree Figueroa have pleaded not guilty to 27 charges, including first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated child assault, and mutilating a body.

Peter Bobak

Peter Bobak

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