Maggie Murdau’s husband was convicted of her murder. Her friends want to keep her memory alive.


Maggie Murdau’s friends break the silence

Maggie Murdau’s friends break the silence


Maggie Murdau made death headlines. But the loss of a woman called “Magnolia” by his sister was soon overshadowed. Her husband, Alex’s high-profile afflictions — Charged with the murders of Maggie and her son Paul, charged with nearly 100 financial crimes involving millions of dollars, fired, banned and embroiled in the law firm her great-grandfather founded some scandals at the same time.a the jury found him guilty March 2nd of both murders.

Key Evidence in Weeks of South Carolina Trial – Involving 76 Witnesses During It Alex Murdoh Himself And the couple’s surviving son, Buster, stood up — it was Paul’s video. Paul’s testimony from beyond the grave.

But Caroline Price and Sherrie West want to remember their longtime friend in, as West put it, “not what happened, but how she was.”

Price and West told CBS News’ Nikki Baptiste that the friend doted on her sons, was a loyal wife to her husband, and that Maggie Murda “wasn’t flashy at all.”

“She was a human being, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter,” West said. “Look, she’s not a ‘murdered wife.’ I mean, I don’t want her to be remembered that way.”

The three have been friends since their days at the University of South Carolina. Price was Murdo’s “big sister” in the Kappa Delta sorority. Murdow and West lived together after graduation. Both women were present at Murdoh’s wedding.

They wanted people to know that “she was fun, she had personality and she was witty.” .”

They want to keep her memory alive.

“Do you think Maggie has lost all of this?” Baptiste asked.

“Of course,” said Price.

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