CHICAGO — A march was held on the Near West Side on Sunday in honor of a man who was gunned down last month while on his way home from work. 

“Just to think of the horror my brother went through and we weren’t able to help,” Marcelina Herrera, one of the victim’s sisters, said.

42-year-old Salvador “Sal” Herrera was killed in the early morning hours on Sunday, Oct. 15, while driving home from his job as a bartender at Butterfield Country Club in Oak Brook. 

The deadly shooting happened in the 700 block of South Loomis Street and the people responsible for taking Herrera’s life are still at large. 

“Sal was in his car, folks were trying to carjack another vehicle parked here, right next to the side of where I’m standing, probably felt he was a threat to them and identifying them and their thievery, and opened fire on him, shooting him in the driver’s seat while he was diving past them,” Father Brendan Curran, from the Resurrection Project, said. 

Sal was only about a mile away from his home when he took his final breath. 

“Complete outrage and indignation. Because, just to give you a sense, it’s less than a four-minute drive and about a 22-minute walk, about a mile. So he was almost home, and the sad reality is, he never made it there.” Marcelina said. 

On Sunday, loved ones gathered in the spot where Sal’s life tragically ended to complete the journey home on his behalf and ask the community to help solve the crime. 

“I have a community, as you can see, behind us and friends and family. We are in this quest of seeking justice for my brother,” Remedios Herrera, another one of Sal’s siblings, said. 

Family members are asking anyone who may have footage or an audio recording from that night to come forward.

Anyone with information that could police in their investigation can leave a tip for police at Tips can be left anonymously.