LIVE / Recanatese Giugliano (final result 3-2 dcr): Scudetto for the Giallorossi!


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The final of Poule Scudetto Serie D 2021/2022: the Recanatese won against the Giugliano on penalties! At the end of the 90 ‘, result of 1-1, the Giallorossi team got the better of the eleven meters: many mistakes, 7 in all, but the Campania team made more. Cerone’s mistake was decisive, kicking the fifth penalty to the stars for the yellow and blue.

The first penalty was kicked by Recanatese with Minossi: ball on the post. Then Poziello for Giugliano, but for Urbietis. The second penalty for the Recanatese is that of Senigagliesi: Baietti parade. The second penalty for Giugliano kicks Kyeremateng: double post and ball that does not cross the line, sensational! Third penalty for the Recanatese, Grieco goes: goal, Baietti displaced. Third penalty for Giugliano, ball to De Rosa: goal, nothing to do for Urbietis. Fourth penalty for the Recanatese, Raparo goes: Baietti parade, what a great performance of the number 22. Fourth penalty for Giugliano: Poziello goes, but para Urbietis, extraordinary protagonist like his colleague. Fifth penalty for Recanatese, ball to Menicucci: central shot, goalkeeper displaced. Fifth penalty for Giugliano, ball to Cerone: shot to the stars, Scudetto alla Recanatese! (MB update)


At the end of the 90 ‘of the direct Recanatese Giugliano: result of 1-1, we go to penalties. Neither team managed to find the spark for victory and triumph in the 2021/2022 Serie D Poule Scudetto. The rhythms dropped strongly in the final, even if there were good opportunities.

At the 31 ‘attempt of the distance of Giugliano with Cerone, easy save for Urbietis. A tempting chance for the Campania players in the 34th minute: a great ball by Gomez for Kyeremateng, but the latter’s shot did not worry the opposing goalkeeper. Gialloblu dangerous even in the 43rd minute: excellent percussion by Boccia, ball to Kyeremateng, still imprecise from a good position. See you soon for kicks from 11 meters … (MB update)


After a very good first half, the direct Recanatese Giugliano. Question and answer between the two finalists of the Serie D Poule Scudetto 2021/2022. At 3 ‘the team from Macerata took the lead: a cross from the bottom rejected by Baietti, Sbaffo arrived on the ball and made no mistake from a few steps.

As we said, the advantage lasted a few minutes, four to be exact. At 7 ‘Zanon serves Scaringella who from a few steps makes no mistake. Several errors in the setting phase by both teams. Both Recanatese and Giugliano made the first changes and just one of the new both, in the ranks of Macerata, became dangerous: at 25 ‘Gomez tries from distance, but the ball ends up slightly high. (MB update)


So many emotions in this one direct from Recanatese Giugliano, but the result remains at 0-0. After a good start from the Campania region, the team from Macerata responded blow by blow. At 21 ‘conclusion of Senigagliesi from a set piece, high ball over the crossbar. Good chance for Giugliano in the 28th minute: Zanon’s cross from the right, Ferrari does not reach the appointment for a few centimeters.

At 33 ‘the Recanatese returns to sting: an excellent cross by Ferretti for Sbaffo, a great intervention by the yellow-blue defense to avoid the worst. No throbbing moment at the end of the fraction, but one thing is certain: neither Recanatese nor Giugliano are willing to lose this final of the Serie D 2021/2022 Poule Scudetto. Appointment soon for the second 45 ‘… (MB update)


Started the direct from Recanatese Giugliano, final of the Serie D Poule Scudetto 2021/2022. The queens of groups F and G face off for the title of champion of Italy and in this first part of the race it is the Campania who are preferred. At 2 ‘an excellent chance for the yellow and blue immediately: Ferrari tries a header from a good position, ball on the bottom.

Aggressive departure for Giugliano: still yellow and blue in the 10th minute with an excellent cue for Scaringella, the ball too long for the bomber. At 15 ‘Cerona tries the dolargol with a shot from midfield, Urbietis is not surprised. The Recanatese responds in the 17 ‘: cross by Ferretti for Sbaffo, but the former Chievo does not find the way to goal. Half-time slower pace, but there is a great desire to win. (MB update)


Recanatese GiuglianoWhat will be direct by Mr. Antonio Di Reda, we play at 17:00 on Wednesday 15 June at the Stefano Lotti Municipal in Poggibonsi: neutral field for the final scudetto of the Series D 2021-2022, a title if we want platonic but still very important for its prestige, up for grabs among the nine teams that have obtained promotion to Serie C by winning their respective group. In the semifinal the Recanatese won on the Novara fielda good shot against one of the most “noble” formations in the Serie D championship and which has returned to the pros.

External victory also for Giugliano, who he was right of the City Nova: another not indifferent success, given that Sangiuliano dominated group B and was particularly formidable at home. Now for the live broadcast of Recanatese Giugliano everything is reset, because every match is unique and anything could really happen in a single match; we will find out what specifically, while we wait for the game to be played we can make some quick assessments on the choices that will be made by the two coaches, reading together the probable formations of the championship final.


There is good news for all fans, because the live from Recanatese Giugliano will be provided by Sportitalia: the Serie D championship final will therefore be free to air, the channel is available at number 60 on your television but the same broadcaster will also guarantee the live streaming video of Recanatese Giugliano. In this case, in fact, without any additional costs, it will be sufficient to have mobile devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones and visit the website, or install the relative application.


For live Recanatese Giugliano Giovanni Pagliari should have clear ideas: in his 4-2-3-1 we go for the confirmation of the eleven who won in Novara. So Marafini and Pacciardi protecting Urbietis, with Meloni and Quacquarelli playing on the lanes; the median hinge will be composed of Raparo and Francis Gomez, in front of them the extraordinary Sbaffo will act (23 goals and 8 assists, and decisive also in the semifinal) with two side on the trocar that should still be Minicucci and Senigagliesi. Edoardo Defendi should instead be the first striker in the team from the Marche.

Giovanni Ferraro’s Giugliano sides with the 4-3-1-2: probably we should still see Baietti in goal, with a defensive line in which Biasiol and Ciro Poziello are the central players with Boccia and Gentile lined up on the side lanes. In midfield Ceparano could be confirmed as a low playmaker; on the midfielder Zanon threatens De Rosa and Abonckelet, there could be turnover here as well as in front, with Cerone who could take the attacking midfielder’s shirt by slipping it off Raffaele Poziello. In attack, however, Kyeremateng could be the owner for one between Nicola Ferrari and Scaringella.


The Snai agency, like other bookmakers, has provided the odds for a live prediction Recanatese Giugliano, the Serie D championship final. The 1 sign that identifies the victory of the Marche team would make you earn 2.60 times what you put on the plate, but the favorite for the title is the Neapolitan team, with a 2 sign that brings a dowry payout corresponding to 2.45 times your stake. The hypothesis of a tie, which as always is regulated by the sign X, with this bookmaker has a value that is equivalent to 3.20 times the amount you have chosen to invest.



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