Listens to TV: Summer Live against the films of Canale5, the data of the first real challenge of the summer schedules


(Chicago Popular) — – Welcome to the Chicago News. The subject of this news is Listens to TV: Summer Live against the films of Canale5, the data of the first real challenge of the summer schedules
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After having a look at the Auditel data of the early evening of 13 June 2022, amply modified by the comments on the Administrative and Referendum, today another special attention should also be given to the Auditel data of the first real afternoon in summer programming. Definitely greeted Barbara D’Urso what time you enjoy the break, the afternoon schedules of Rai1 and Canale5 are now at full holiday capacity.

What follows, however, is that the Auditel data are not all that different between the before and after. It almost seems that the absence of Barbara D’Urso from the afternoon of Canale Cinque is not so much influential compared to the Mediaset afternoon audience figures. And surprisingly, even the competitor Estate in Diretta stands still.

Listen to TV: the first real summer afternoon of Canale Cinque and Rai1

As we said, it seems that the absence of Afternoon Cinque did not affect the average audience of Canale Cinque afternoon viewers so much. Comparing the data to last week’s programming, yet another rerun of the film in the Rosamunde Pilcher saga registers 1.1 million viewers; a figure not so far from the 1.3 million viewers that the Dursian talk had recorded just last Thursday, for example. Even as a percentage, the afternoon of the Biscione holds up all in all: before it was from 15% to 16%, the ultra – replicated film started at 14.4%.

But what is most surprising is that that slice of audience that has abandoned the Canale5 audience does not seem to have actually poured into Rai Uno. Indeed, Summer Live with Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini remained on his usual figures: 16% share equal to 1.2 million viewers.

But it must also be said that in all likelihood that the result of the Rai Uno infotainment show has not risen due to the various spaces for mandatory political analysis given the post-election day. We don’t have trouble thinking that Summer Live will soon have an easy sight against a Channel Five with reruns.

What about the rest of the afternoon? In addition to the overwhelming victory of Chain reaction on the umpteenth replica packet of Avanti un Altro, the soap operas broadcast immediately after lunch stand out: the 3-in-a-row set up by the Biscione makes a lot Beautiful at 18%, A life in the final stages touches 19.9%good also the new entry Another Tomorrow with 18.9% And Brave and Beautiful which keeps the channel around the 19.6%.


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